Roof Inspections: How They Help You Save Money

How Roof Inspections Save New Hampshire
Residents Money

Learn How Proper Inspections Of Your New Roof Installation Can Save You A Lot Of Money

Many New Hampshire homeowners assume their roof will stay in tip-top shape throughout the years. Unless they see visible signs of wear or spot noticeable storm damage to their roof, most people avoid roof inspections for their home.

However, roofs can suffer from minor or major issues, primarily unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Damages that go undetected for significant lengths of time can lead to even more problems, costing you much more money than you’d like to spend. Regular inspections are essential and the best way to maintain a functional and beautiful roof.

It’s also vital to use a professional roofing company to inspect after a roof installation, ensuring everything is done right and in working order. Here are some ways roof inspections will save you money. 

Discover Minor Problems Before They Become Big Issues

Regular roof inspections can help prevent more significant issues from impacting your New Hampshire home’s roof. Using a checklist and experience, a skilled and knowledgeable roofing inspector can spot small problems that typically fly under the radar for most homeowners. Either the problem is so tiny that it doesn’t seem like a problem at all, or it’s located in an area most people wouldn’t look or can’t access.

Hiring a roofing professional is vital, as they have the training to notice the smallest defects. Tiny cracks or other exterior damages can eventually penetrate layers of your roof, leading to unwanted leaks in your home.

Once it gets to the point of water seeping through your ceilings, the costs of your repairs rise tremendously. Plus, there’s no telling what kind of water damage your furniture and personal items might endure. Stop roofing issues in their tracks with a regular inspection!

Expand The Life Of Your Roof

Not only will roof inspections prevent future trouble, but by noticing and fixing minor problems before they become major, you’re prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Roof replacements are costly, and you can avoid the high cost for years by extending its longevity.

When problems become major, they often involve roof replacements, as it’s likely cheaper to replace the whole roof than repair larger damaged areas of your roof. Roof inspections keep your roof healthy – when it’s functioning as it should be, you’re giving your roof more years of active use.

Manufacturer warranties usually last anywhere from ten to over twenty years, but roof inspections can make your roof last even longer, upwards of fifty years or more. Think of roof inspections as protection for your roof investment. 

Detect Mold Before It Becomes Dangerous

The interior of your roof is just as important as the exterior, which is why getting a roof inspection that covers both the exterior and interior is crucial to maintain your roof’s function. Spotting mold and mildew on the interior of your roof allows you to address the problem before it becomes dangerous to you and your family.

No amount of mold is a safe thing to have in your home, as breathing in spores can lead to respiratory issues, breathing problems, headaches, sneezing, running nose, and itchy eyes. A roof inspection can help detect mold and mildew before it spreads, avoiding costly removals and possibly even high medical bills.

Besides the health dangers of mold exposure, once mold starts to grow and spread in your home, it can threaten its structural integrity. If your home becomes compromised in this way, you might be looking at high repair costs. 

Receive More Money Back From Your Insurance

When you get bi-annual or annual roofing inspections, save your receipts for potential future use when filing an insurance claim. Home insurance companies like to see their customers taking good care of their homes, getting regular roof inspections, and required maintenance.

Once a storm blows through and causes roof damage, you’ll have evidence that it was in good working condition before the storm. Showing proof of home care will likely win points with your insurance company.

If your roof has been neglected over time, insurance companies are less likely to give you your total replacement costs. Get the maximum in your claim benefits by getting roof inspections! 

Choosing The Right New Hampshire Roof Inspection
Company Is A Wise Investment

Since 1933, Jancewicz & Son has provided the people of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with detailed and effective roof inspections. We don’t take inspections lightly and instead follow a rigorous list of areas and items to check, ensuring your roof receives the most thorough examination.

Our inspectors are highly trained and expertly skilled to look for even the most minor details, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Once your inspection is complete and given a diagnosis, we can arrange for your proper repairs or replacement, if need be. 

Contact us today for a free roof inspection estimate and schedule your appointment! 

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