Save Money With A Standing Seam Metal Roof

6 Ways A Standing Seam Metal Roof
Saves You Money In Enfield, NH

Monetary Advantages Of Standing
Seam Metal Roofing Systems

Standing seam metal in Enfield, NH refers to a revolutionary roofing system that saves you money. But how exactly does a new metal roof save you money? The initial investment isn’t where you’ll find the biggest savings on this high-end roofing system. No, standing seam metal roofing savings go far beyond the present.

Jancewicz & Son has installed roofs in Grafton County since 1933, and we love doing so. Standing seam metal roofing has become one of our favorite options due to its durability, flawless look, and the money it saves our customers.

1. Standing Seam Metal Roofs
Increase Resale Value

Standing seam metal roofs increase the resale value of your home. Because it is a high-end roofing system, potential buyers are always on the lookout for standing seam metal.

If you’re planning on selling in the future, even decades down the line, then a standing metal roof is an exceptional and smart investment. Few other roofs will be as alluring to buyers with both aesthetic and practical benefits.

2. Energy-Efficient Metal Roofing
Panels Save On Energy Bills

Metal roofing systems reflect heat, making them amazing for energy efficiency in the summer. They don’t allow heat to get through the roof. So it’s easier than ever to keep your home cool. But that doesn’t mean they’re not fantastic roofing for the winter months – because they are.

Standing seam metal roofs can handle more snow piling up than some other options. But they also have well-secured and covered seams, making it much more difficult for any drafts to sneak past. A good seal means everything, which is why hiring a reputable contractor to install your metal roof is so crucial.

3. Huge Savings On A Replacement
Metal Roofing System

Though the typical life expectancy is around 50 years, many standing seam metal roofs can last a lifetime. So, you can save a substantial amount of money by choosing to install a standing seam metal roof. That way, you aren’t paying the full cost of a roof replacement every decade or two.

Do the math, and you’ll find that initial investments are almost always the cost-efficient option. Quality always pays off in the end. If you find superb financing options, then there’s no reason to settle for anything but the best.

4. Nearly Eliminate Weatherproofing
With Standing Seam Metal

Weatherproofing is a common occurrence in cool climates. There are simple moves to make, like plugging in heat lamps or ensuring your space heaters are in working condition. You may also want to install heat cables or hire a contractor to use spray foam insulation.

But when it comes to your standing seam metal roof, there is little to no weatherproofing necessary. That is, if the roof was installed by a trusted team of professionals in the first place. If you’re worried about yours, contact a reputable contractor like Jancewicz & Son to find out if your roof needs any weatherproofing.

5. Save Money With Fire-Resistant
Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is fire-resistant, which adds a layer of protection against fire damage. While no roof can save your home from a fire, every move you make to prevent fire from spreading potentially saves you money and so much more. The roof is one of the most important parts of the house to be fire-resistant as heat rises.

6. Spend Less On Repairs With
Metal Roofing Systems

Regular repairs are necessary for many roof types, which is why roof replacements are becoming more common with home remodeling projects. But when you choose a metal roofing system, especially a standing seam metal one, your need for repairs goes way down.

Roof inspections are also a great way to save money by getting problems addressed when they are an affordable fix. So, if there is a problem that’s out of your control, you can gain control of it by getting in touch with someone who can help.

Jancewicz & Son offers the best standing seam metal roofing systems in Grafton County. We provide quality service and flawless installation every time. If you want to learn more about standing seam metal in Enfield, NH, call us today at 800-281-3585 for your free estimate.

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