Saving Your Slate Roof in Vermont

Slate roofs stand as one of the iconic symbols of the New England area. Many have stood for decades or even longer and will always be a part of the culture and atmosphere that represent home here. Slate roofing in Vermont is one of the few materials allowed for historic restorations. Nothing quite compares to natural slate tiles. It truly is a unique and special roofing material. Most of the slate roofing in Vermont is mined from quarries right here in Vermont, New York, or Quebec which makes it that much more endearing to us.

Unskilled Repairs Through the Years

Although slate is one of the longest lasting roofing materials available, there can be issues with it that require attention. Most of these issues have nothing to do with the slate itself and are largely due to poor maintenance and previous repairs that were done wrong. Slate installation and repair is a specialized skill that takes as much masonry knowledge as it does roofing knowledge. Many slate roofing repairs in New Hampshire and Vermont have been done incorrectly causing damage to the roof later on.

Your Roof Can Be Repaired

Homes throughout the area with damaged slate roofs have been condemned because they are thought to be beyond repair when, sadly, this is not the case at all. In fact, slate roofs are actually one of the easier roofs to save and repair if you hire a carpenter or construction company in Vermont that has expertise in dealing with slate roofing repairs. Slate roofing is virtually indestructible and after repairs are done, a slate roof can be restored to its former glory and go on to outlive the other roofs in the area.

Your slate roof can absolutely be repaired, if the slate is still good, and chances are, it is. Bad repairs can be fixed, slate tiles can be replaced, and patches can be removed. Because of the unique cut and style of each individual slate tile, an exact match for each tile is not necessary and the slight variations in textures and detail are one of the things that give slate roofs their charm.

Common Repairs

The most common repairs needed usually have little to do with the slate itself. Leaks in a slate roof can be repaired. Flashing is another common roofing repair issue with any material that you use. Flashing is used to keep water from penetrating the areas where the roofing sections meet and can also easily be replaced. If the original stone is still sound, which is likely, all repair work can be done while leaving the slate roofing in place.

Slate roofs are worth repairing. Once repairs are done, they can provide your home a lifetime of protection and beauty. Slate roofs are fireproof, resistant to leaks, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and provide you with limitless creative options.

Skilled Contractors

Repairing your slate roof could be one of the smartest home improvement decisions you have ever made. Jancewicz & Sons have been repairing and installing slate roofs for over 80 years. We know the art and craftsmanship of precision slate roofing repair. We offer some of the best slate roofing warranties in the industry and will proudly restore your slate roof to be more beautiful that it has ever been. Call us today for your free consultation.

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