Security Mistakes to Avoid On Your New England Window Replacement

Ways To Avoid Security Mistakes When Replacing Your New England Windows

Our Replacement Windows And Doors Are Built To Keep You And Your Family Safe

There’s a lot to think about when replacing your New England windows – energy efficiency, interior comfort, and, most importantly, home safety. Unfortunately, safety and security often go overlooked in favor of style or the latest impractical trends.

Fortunately, with the right windows, you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other – you can enjoy comfort, energy efficiency, and a beautiful aesthetic. Windows are a top entry point for many burglars, and windows left unprotected become vulnerable to break-ins.

Replacement windows can offer more secure protection and give you peace of mind. However, there are some easy ways to avoid security mistakes when replacing your windows.

Research Window Safety Features

When you replace your windows, you’re not only looking to upgrade your window’s efficiency – you’re upgrading your entire home’s security. This brings your investment to a new level and makes spending more than you intended on a quality product worthwhile.

New windows have different safety features, making safeguarding your home easier. With the right window, you won’t need to install unsightly safety bars that distract from the beauty of your new window.

Look for thick double or triple-pane glass windows, solid frames, and sturdy locks. Some new windows even offer privacy-enhanced tints, making it difficult for burglars to peak into your home. Impact-resistant glass is another great safety feature, as it’s less likely to break. 

Don’t Skimp On Installation

Having a great installer to replace your windows is just as important as investing in good, quality windows. You may have the best window on the market, but if it’s installed incorrectly, it’ll fail to function. Avoid this mistake by hiring an experienced window replacement company.

Many homeowners think replacing their own windows is a good idea and will save them money. However, without the help of an expertly trained eye, you leave your window open to potential break-ins. Skilled window installers precisely measure your window opening, ensuring the tightest seal and fit.

With the right tools and expertise, a professional installer can address minor details, ensuring your window is installed to perfection. A tight, perfect installation is worth every penny, letting you sleep easier at night. 

Don’t Replace The Same Windows

Homeowners tend to panic when dealing with home improvement projects they don’t know much about. It takes time and energy to put in the effort of researching good, dependable windows. Unfortunately, this means many homeowners buy the same window they already had because that’s what they know.

Even if you replace your windows with a slightly upgraded version, you miss out on the many security features available today. Window technology has come a long way – some enhancements have proven to be gimmicky, but some make sense and work, like security features.

Choose A Quality Window

Like investing in a window with built-in security features, it’s essential to replace your window with quality. Though the cheapest window may initially sound appealing, you’ll get what you pay for, typically thin glass and flimsy frames.

A great, secure window doesn’t need to put a massive dent in your bank account and is well worth the investment of keeping you and your family safe. Cheap windows usually come pre-made out of a box and are not fit for your specific window, even if the manufacturer’s measurements say so. That one little extra half-inch makes a big difference when it comes to home security. 

Mixing Fixed And Operable Windows

There are pros and cons to both fixed windows and operable ones. Fixed means you can’t open the window, while operable means the window can open and close. Many homeowners think you can only have one of the other, making it difficult to choose.

However, it’s perfectly fine to mix up your window assortment. Though many operable windows are safe, fixed windows are safer. Consider installing fixed window replacements in lower or easy-to-reach areas, leaving operable windows to the higher and harder-to-reach regions of the home.

Fixed windows are also great in areas less frequented in the home, as you won’t need to remember to lock them. In addition to being safer, fixed windows are more energy efficient, saving you money.  

Our New England Window Replacements Fit And Are Secured Correctly

Not all New England window replacement companies are created equal – some offer inferior products and minimal installations. But, at Jancewicz & Son, we take your home security seriously, offering you the best quality window products and extensive installations.

Our custom replacement windows are factory-built based on your specific window opening measurements, ensuring you get an airtight fit. Our word is our word, and we have the reputation and experience to back it up. Since 1933, we’ve been helping our New England customers improve their homes and make them safer.

Contact us today for a free window replacement estimate and schedule your appointment! 

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