Signs It Is Time To Replace Pomfret, VT Windows

9 Signs It Is Time To Replace
Your Pomfret, VT Windows

How To Tell It Is Time To Start
Shopping For Windows

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything had an expiration date on it so you could know with certainty it was time to replace it? While your Pomfret, VT windows don’t have a neat little sticker stating replace by a certain date stamped on them, some signs point to replacement being needed.

Why should you be worried about the windows in your home? Not only are the windows in your Windsor County home a valuable part of the house itself, but they can be a huge source of energy loss. Plus, broken windows can be a security issue that causes you to not sleep so well at night.

So, understanding what signs to watch out for so you can start shopping around for new windows is highly important.

1. Your Existing Window No Longer
Opens Or Shuts Smoothly

If your windows are no longer opening or shutting as smoothly as they once did, it could be a red flag that these windows are near the end of their life. If you have checked the window track to ensure there are no issues, then it could be the window itself has an issue.

You should never feel the need to get an extra hand to close the window tightly or strain yourself so much that something pops in your shoulder when you try to open it.

2. The Windows Have Become Foggy

Do you look through your windows and debate whether it is foggy outside, only to find that the “fog” is the glass in your window? If you do, then replacing your windows can ensure you get natural light coming into your home without the fogginess.

The foggy look on your windows can be caused by a number of factors. Condensation can cause a temporary fog look. However, damaged window seals and glass cause the fogginess to be permanent. In either case, these are all reasons to have your windows replaced.

3. Broken Or Damaged Glass In Your Windows

If you have to use tape to cover a crack in the glass, then it is time to replace your window. While home windows are relatively strong, the glass can still become damaged. Older home windows are often easier to damage than the newer styles on the market since the glass is stronger than it was years ago.

Having tape on your windows is a blinking neon sign to anyone looking to break into a home or cause harm, as it can be a perfect way to get into your home with little effort. For your safety and peace of mind, having your windows replaced is the logical step to take.

4. Windows That No Longer Lock

Many homeowners will take some DIY action when their home windows no longer lock. One method they use is wedging a piece of wood on top of the window frame to “lock” it since the locks no longer work.

While this is a decent temporary solution, it is not meant to be a long-term fix. Properly locking windows will allow you to rest easier at night. If your windows are not locking properly, don’t put off replacing them, or you could be risking your safety.

5. Windows That Leak When It Rains

If you dread the rainy weather coming into the area because you know it means throwing a bunch of towels around your windows to catch all the moisture, then it is time to replace your windows.

Windows that do not fit properly, have broken seals, or other issues can allow water to pour into your home. If you allow this to continue, you could face wood rot around your windows, which could eventually result in the window literally falling out of your house.

Leaking windows are not something to mess around with!

6. Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills are climbing? If they have, and there is no other logical explanation, then your windows could be to blame.

When windows are not installed correctly or have become outdated, heat and air could be leaking outside around them, resulting in your HVAC working harder and longer to keep your home comfortable.

Installing new energy-efficient windows can help seal your home better, and you could notice decreased energy bills.

7. Increased Noise Inside Your Pomfret, VT Home

Are you hearing more outdoor noise inside your home? While many people pay no attention to this, it could be a sign that your windows are no longer functioning properly.

If you notice that your neighbor’s lawn mower seems louder than ever and has caused you to turn the television up even higher, it may be time to consider having your windows inspected for issues.

8. Your Windows Are Bringing Down Your Curb Appeal

Have you recently upgraded most of your home outside and found that it looks amazing? Yet, every time you see the windows you think it may be bringing down the curb appeal a bit?

Many homeowners opt to upgrade their windows when they want maximum curb appeal. New windows installed in a home that has recently been upgraded outside are like the cherry on top of a delicious ice cream sundae—they bring it all together!

9. Drafts Are Felt Around Your Existing Windows

On a windy day, if you were to stand in front of your window, do you feel the wind making its way into your home? Or you may notice that your curtains move on windy days. If so, this shows you have drafts coming into your home.

If drafts can get into your home, the air inside can leak out, so you are probably also dealing with rising energy costs.

Broken seals, damaged window frames, and much more can lead to drafts. While you could fix these issues, replacing the window is often more cost-effective.

Free Estimates For Your Pomfret, VT Windows

Are you ready to increase your home’s curb appeal and fix any issues you may have with your existing Pomfret, VT windows? Jancewicz & Son offers beautiful replacement windows from trusted brands built to fit your exact window opening. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all motto that many contractors do.

For your free estimate, call us today at 800-281-3585 and let us help you beautify your home with new windows!

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