Spooky Exterior Doors for Your New Hampshire Halloween

Exterior Door Installation in New Hampshire

Spooky exterior doors, not spooky exterior door installation.

Since 1933, our clients have trusted us with exterior door installation and more in New Hampshire. However, once your exterior doors are installed, they’re yours to decorate how you choose — an exciting prospect during the festive season of Halloween. But if you’re looking for a few suggestions to get the creepy crawly muse flowing, we can help you out with that. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

Spiders and Webs

Spiders are a Halloween classic. A surprise spider is enough to elicit a shriek any time of year, but Halloween just seems to be the perfect season. Plus, spider and spider web decorations are fairly easy and low maintenance, so they’re perfect for exterior doors. Cover the decorative glass in homemade webs — using cotton balls — and throw in several plastic spiders. Alternatively, you can deck out the door frame in spider and spider web decorations.

The Door is Watching

There’s something unnerving about seeing eyes on an inanimate object — even cute, googly eyes. That’s why working some eyes into your exterior door decorations can be a great way to bring the spook to your Halloween decorations. Consider this one-eyed purple people eater monster wreath for your front door,  or take paper and cardboard and make your door into the face of a hungry monster or restless mummy. Eyeball wreaths are another good way to create the effect that your front door is an eldritch monster watching your neighbors…and waiting.

The Colors of Fall

If you’re not a fan of spooky decorations, you can opt for fall themed exterior decorations. Fall is the most colorful season of the year, so your decorations can make just as strong of an impression as the Halloween themed decorations. An autumn wreath made with leaves and twigs, a few pumpkins or squashes on the side of the door, and even a scarecrow all fit into that fall, harvest theme and get your home into the season — without scaring the kids away. Incorporating fall flowers into your design can be another pleasant surprise.

At Jancewicz & Son, we stand behind our excellent exterior door installation. Our doors are sturdy and stylish so you can decorate them to be as spooky and unstable as you want. Contact us today for a free quote.

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