Subtle Signs That You Need a Replacement Exterior Door

Replacing an exterior door or window is one of the few contracting jobs that can save you money on a monthly basis. However, an older or poorly fitting door can actually be a drain on your finances. These are some of the signs that you might need to hire contractors for a replacement exterior door installation in Vermont.

Your Energy Bill is Higher Than Normal

Your energy usage is directly affected by the effectiveness of your thresholds. Some studies have shown that as much as 30% of your energy can be lost for especially poor fitting doors and windows. This is especially true in the cold winter and hot summer months when cooling or heating your home becomes more expensive. If you are paying more than you would like every month, consider that it might be due to your exterior doors.

Drafts or Leaks Around the Frame

If air or water is leaking around your doors or windows, it can be obvious or not so obvious. Water leaking in could potentially cause other damages to carpet or wood. Make sure this is not the case in your home, or take the steps necessary to get a new exterior door installation in Vermont if it is.

Signs of Deterioration

Just like leaks around the frame, deterioration may be subtle or plain as day. Check carefully for peeling paint or splitting. This is most common along the bottom rail of doors, although corrosion above or on either side can also cause significant problems. It is possible that these kinds of deterioration may either be the cause of or the result of leaks around the door frame.

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