Summer Entertaining With Windows and Doors

One of the best parts of summer is all the entertaining. If you love to have family and friends over for a cookout or even to watch your favorite shows, now is the perfect time. But is your home ready? You’ve probably done a fair amount of spring cleaning, and you may have kept it in good shape since then. Cleanliness is one thing, but the features of your home should also stand out — particularly your windows and doors. These entrances and eyes to your home make a big difference to your guests, and if they’re out of shape, you may want to update them before you start the party.


Your windows are the eyes into your home, and out of it. They offer beautiful views of the outdoor scenery from inside, and they give your guests one of their first impressions of your home. They also help to light your home and keep it more energy efficient, as with good windows you won’t have to rely on electrical lighting as much during a summer day. The best room for entertaining should be full of windows to offer your guests plenty of light and views.

You can find windows in all shapes and sizes, but the popular trend of late is to find bigger, wider windows for a more open, airy feeling. Bay or bow windows can help a smaller room feel larger and more spacious for guests, while slider windows, casement windows, or even double-hung windows can offer broader views. You also want to be sure that you’ve chosen durable, energy efficient windows that help to insulate your home, so hot air doesn’t seep in, making your home feel too stuffy.


Windows play a large role in the first impression of your home, but your entry doors are perhaps the very first impression of your home. They draw the eye from the curb, and when guests approach your home, it’s your door that they approach first. So it’s important for your door to be in good shape, not faded or scratched. Therma-Tru entry doors may help in this regard, as their fiberglass material outperforms both wood and steel. They also have a stately, elegant look that will make an excellent first impression, and their bold color won’t need to be repainted. Like windows, energy efficiency and proper weatherstripping is important to keep pests out as well as to keep the threshold from feeling stuffy. 

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