The Benefits of Rubber Roofing

roll of rubber roofing by Jancewicz

You may not know that rubber roofing is an option for your home, but the benefits of rubber roofing are quite astounding.  Rubber roofs are affordable and resilient, and Jancewicz & Son are experts in rubber roofing installation. You may currently have an asphalt shingle roof or another type of roof, but there are so many options with rubber roofing that it’s important to find out how rubber roofing can be a great addition to your home.  So, what are the benefits of rubber roofing?



One of the best reasons to choose a rubber roof is its energy efficiency.  Keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter helps to keep your utility bills down and provides a comfortable space for your family to thrive regardless of the time of year.


Rubber roofs are incredibly durable. This type of roof is a long-lasting solution to the stability and structure of your home.  The amount of protection that you will receive with a rubber roof can easily outweigh many of the other roofing choices available because this type of roof will last for a long time and withstand the elements.

Extreme Resilience

One of the great benefits of rubber roofing is that it is resistant to many weather conditions.  Hail storms, variations in temperatures, and even the effects of the ozone are all noted qualities and benefits of a rubber roof. 


Because rubber roofing is made of sustainable and recycled materials, it is more affordable than traditional roofs.  Its ease of installation and the lower maintenance required through the years, coupled with its ability to last for 30-50 years, make a rubber roof a great choice. 

Easy To Maintain

How easy is it?  Very easy.  It’s very easy to maintain because rubber roofing has such little upkeep.  There are no shingles and no tiles, and it’s not like wood where you would have to be concerned with extreme leaks and issues with fire damage and spread.  

Long Lifespan

A rubber roof can actually last from 30-50 years, making its lifespan much longer than a traditional roof.  Because of this, there will be less upkeep. And there are other flat roofs out there, but they have the disadvantage of sometimes becoming warped or growing moss; however, a flat rubber roof typically does not have these types of cons.


Because installing a rubber roll or a rubber shingle creates a much stronger and more secure roof, there will be less cracking over time.  Rubber roofing can also be superior to a traditional asphalt roof because it can withstand difficult and extreme weather conditions. 


We all love a sustainable roof.  This is yet another reason why rubber roofs are an incredible choice for your home.  They are made up of sustainable and recycled materials, and you are getting the best quality possible.

What Is EPDM Rubber Roofing?

This is a specific type of rubber roof.  But, what does EPDM stand for, and why is it important?  EPDM means ethylene propylene diene monomer, which is a rubber single-ply roofing material.  In the past, most commercial roofing projects were done with this type of rubber membrane roofing, but this has changed because of all of the benefits such as durability, sustainability, and the need for less upkeep.

There are many benefits to the EPDM Roofing systems. Some of them are resisting storms with hail, the ability to be flexible in low-temperature environments, and the ability to adapt when the weather changes from hot to cold and vice versa.  They can deal with thermal shock and are incredibly resistant to fire and heat.  With their resistance because of the cyclical membrane, rubber roofing is also very resistant to weathering, abrasion, and ozone. 

Why Choose Jancewicz & Son?

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