The Best Decking Material For Your Lebanon, NH Deck

The Best Decking Material For
Your Lebanon, NH Deck

Great Material Will Ensure A
Strong & Beautiful Deck

Are you considering adding a new deck to your Lebanon, NH, home? Or have you decided your old deck needs a bit of a facelift? The key to a successful deck starts with having the best material.

Several types of materials are used throughout the Grafton County area on decks. However, not all are equal. You want a strong material that will withstand our weather and be beautiful!

Options For Decking Material

You have several options regarding the material used to make up your deck. However, when looking at all the various materials, they fall into four main categories.

1. Wood Decking

Wood is the most common material used for decks in Lebanon, NH. It is considered the more cost-affordable option. However, even within the wood category, you have various subcategories regarding the type of wood you can utilize.

Pressure-Treated Wood Decking

Pressure-treated wood is an excellent option, as it has been treated to withstand the elements. If you opt for wood that has not been treated, it will end with you having to replace it sooner rather than later. 

Pressure-treated woods are meant to prevent rot and insect infestation – a must-have for any deck. Of the numerous pressure-treated woods on the market, you will find that Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas Fir are the two most common.

Exotic Wood Decking

While exotic woods are more expensive, they can be a beautiful option. Those who opt for exotic woods often look at: 

  • Ipe
  • Champagne Ipe
  • Fijian Mahogany
  • Red Balau
  • Tigerwood
  • Mangaris
  • Teak
  • African Redwood

The decision of which to use for your deck depends upon the look you hope to get.

2. Composite Decking

Composite decking is made of wood and plastic fibers. It has a wood-like look but is not as resistant to slips, stains, and mildew as natural wood.

It is highly expensive, so it may not be in the budget for everyone.

3. Plastic Decking

Plastic is a lightweight decking option made from PVC and/or polyethylene. The excellent element of plastic is that it handles weather elements well, and it never requires staining.

However, many homeowners find plastic looks cheaper and can sag when a lot of weight is placed on it.

4. Aluminum Decking

Some homeowners have opted for an aluminum deck because it is durable and lasts many years. However, it is highly expensive, and there is no mistaking it for a wood deck. 

Plus, it can attract heat. If you love to be barefoot on your deck – you will not get that experience with aluminum.

Why Woods Are The Best Material

When looking at all the options, your best bet is to go with woods for your deck remodel. There are numerous benefits to using wood, whether you opt for pressure-treated or exotic woods compared to other materials on the market. 

1. Wood Decks Look Better

If you want a deck that looks like wood, then going with wood material is the only option. While other materials may try to mimic the look of wood – there is nothing like the real thing!

Wood is beautiful on its own, and it can easily make your entire yard look amazing with little work – as the wood is highlighted enough.

2. Strong And Durable Decks

If you want to put many items on your deck – you want it strong. And wood is strong! The strength of wood will ensure it will be durable for many years to come.

3. Easily Maintained Decks

Wood requires very little everyday maintenance. You may have to wash it seasonally and perhaps add a stain every few years; otherwise, it will remain beautiful without having to devote hours each week to maintaining it.

4. Variety Of Options

With all the wood options on the market, you can opt for various looks. The same can not be said for other materials. Thus, the likelihood of getting the look you want is higher with wood materials.

5. Affordable Decking

Wood is affordable; you will find wood for almost every budget a Lebanon, NH homeowner may have. For those with a higher budget, hardwoods can be a great option. While those with a slimmer budget will find pressure-treated wood to fit their needs.

How To Care For Wood Decks

Once your wood deck has been installed, you will find a small checklist of items you will want to ensure you remember to care for it.

  • Clean the deck at the start of the season with an approved cleanser. Never use bleach products on pressure-treated wood.
  • Brush the cleanser onto the deck with a soft bristle brush and allow it to sit for a few minutes. The cleanser often has ingredients to help the wood look beautiful and avoid graying.
  • Wash the deck off with water once the cleanser has set. While you can use a power washer, only use a fan spread to avoid damaging the wood.
  • During the season you are using your deck, you can lightly spray the deck down with a water hose to remove pollen or bird feces.
  • Do not use a metal shovel during the winter to remove snow – only use plastic or rubber.
  • Avoid forcefully breaking any ice spots on the deck, as you can dent the wood.
  • Sand should not be used on the deck to help avoid people slipping. Instead, use an ice melt that is appropriate for wood decking.
  • Apply a water-repellent sealer every two years to the deck.

Staining wood decks is an item many people put on their to-do lists every few years. However, exotic woods often do not need staining. In addition, you will want to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to stain this properly.

Free Estimates For Your Lebanon, NH Deck Remodel

If your Lebanon, NH deck needs to be remodeled or you want a new deck built on your home, Jancewicz & Son is here to make it happen with pressure-treated and exotic wood options. 

Contact us or call us today at 1-800-281-3585 for a free estimate!

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