The Best Ways to Winterize Your Windows

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Winter is here, and if your windows aren’t winterized, you may start to feel quite chilly even within your home. If you want to keep drafts out of your home and avoid window condensation, you’ll need to winterize your windows. Winterizing your windows is boosting their seal and insulation in order to prepare them for winter. Need to winterize your windows this year? Here are the best ways you can do so:

Perform a Window Inspection

Check for cracked glass or any signs of torn window caulk that could lead to issues of window leaks. Make sure to check the corners of your window frame, where many cracks can start to form. You can also inspect the air leakage of your windows by holding a lit candle near the window. If the candle’s flame pulls in a particular direction, that’s an indicator of an air leak in your windows. You may find after your window inspection that the most efficient thing to do is simply to invest in replacement windows, and that can be winterizing in itself.


Massachusetts and Vermont are prone to particularly cold winters, and if you have a room with a lot of windows, you may find that it starts to feel rather drafty during the coldest months of the year. Other than checking for any cracks in the glass or the caulk, you can buy weatherstripping at a hardware store and wrap your window in that. Weatherstripping is an added level of sealant for your windows that’s designed to withstand the winter. There are multiple types of weatherstripping, including weatherstripping for doors. Make sure you choose the right weatherstripping for your windows.

Storm Windows

If you have single pane windows, you might also invest in storm windows to help fortify them. This will not only add insulation, but a bit of impact resistance. This can be key because winter is more than just cold air. It can also be a time of intense winter storms, especially in the Northeast. You can find storm windows that last just through the winter for a value or invest a little more money for storm windows that will last for winters to come.

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