The First Thing You Notice About a Home and Why It Matters

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What’s the first thing people notice about your home? Before they even set foot inside, your home exteriors will make an impression. Is it the right impression? To know that, it’s important to be able to see your home through the eyes of someone who’s never seen it before: friends visiting for the first time or family members who live far away. Here are a few of the things they’ll be sure to notice first.

Front Porch/Front Door

Guests enter your home through your front door, so of course one of the first things they’ll notice will be the front door — and everything surrounding it. Your entryway makes a strong impression, which is why you see many homes with bright red, green, or blue entry doors. It’s also why we offer the entry doors that we do at Jancewicz & Son. Andersen has long been known for their elegant entry doors, sure to boost your curb appeal. Therma-Tru fiberglass doors have stunning looks and stronger weather resistance than wood doors so they last longer.


What color are the walls of your home? Are they brick? Siding? Whatever the case may be, this will make an impression on your guests. If you have siding, you want to ensure that it looks fresh and neat — no fading, no bubbling, no warping. You can also accentuate the aesthetic of your walls by enhancing the scenery around them. Consider flower beds along the front of your home, or placing potted plants on the window ledge, visible from outside or even planters attached to your windows for outdoor plants.


Whether your roof garners any attention depends on the type of roof you have and the quality of it — for better or worse. Asphalt shingle roofs are so common that they tend to go unnoticed if they’re in good shape, but missing shingles or discolored spots on your roof might make the wrong kind of impression for your home. Metal roofs with their standing seams and often bold colors tend to make more of a statement. Slate roofs also make a stately, classic appearance, while flat roofs — first commonly used in commercial construction — may give your home a more modern look.

Are you making the right impression with your home? If you need door replacement, or siding and roof replacement or repair, contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free estimate.

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