If We Gave Away A Dollar Every Time One Of Our Workers Smiled We’d Go Broke

Smiling construction worker wearing a white  hard hat and safety vest in front of scaffolding covered home

Building is hard and dirty work with heavy hours and long weeks. So why is it that the builders for Jancewicz & Son are always happy? Well, it isn’t by accident, we can tell you that. Even with our demanding standards, our turnover is way below the industry norm. The method is simple: hire carefully, train them properly, pay them well, and treat them right.


When we say hire carefully, we mean only hire people who see this business as a career. If you are naturally friendly, eager to learn and see yourself swinging that hammer for years to come, you have a good chance of being hired.


The Key To A Good Worker: A Good Person

We prefer to take on people who know which end of the hammer to hold, but we also look for personality. If you aren’t naturally friendly, we ship you off to go work for our competitors. We feel that you can train anyone to build, but you can’t train kindness. We’ll take a friendly smile and an extra week or two of training over a surly expert every time. In fact, a reference from one of our workers is worth more to us than any amount of experience in the field.


Swinging A Hammer Is Easy, Knowing What To Hit Is Hard

Anyone can swing a hammer. All it takes is determination. Anyone looking to get work in the trades has that in spades. But knowing when, where, and how hard to swing that hammer takes training, and that starts from the ground up.


Hiring experienced workers is simple if you don’t care about the end result. Experience means that, sure, they know what to hit, but it also comes with bad habits. Not terrible habits, mind you, but habits that run counter to the way we do things. So, sure, we do hire experienced help, but that isn’t what gets you into the door.


Train Them And Keep Training Them Until They Retire

We are obsessed with doing things one way, The Right Way, and we accept nothing less from our workers. When a new worker comes on board, they go through our training program no matter how experienced they are. Once they leave our classroom, they team up with a crew leader until it is decided that they have learned enough to be trusted to work on their own. How long that takes depends on the worker and often has little to do with their level of experience. Sometimes it takes longer for the experienced new hires to break their bad habits than it does for the inexperienced to learn our ways.


We continue to train our workers throughout their careers. We keep a sharp eye on industry trends, and when a better way of doing things comes along, or new products become available, we train all our workers on the new methods.


Workers Who Feel Valued Will Value The Work They Do

Someone who is working only for the paycheck at the end of the week is not a happy worker. The moment a better opportunity comes along, they’ll be gone. Sometimes, the work environment is so bad they’ll take less money just to escape. We make it a point to ensure that our workers know we value them as people, above and beyond the work they do for us.


Pay Them For Their Dedication

While good pay won’t make a bad work situation good, it just makes sense to offer pay that allows your workers to live a good life. We pay our workers well above the industry standard because they earn every penny. Their pride in their work, dedication to proper procedure, and willingness to go the extra mile deserve recognition.


Help Them Grow Their Lives

One of the biggest reasons to leave the trades is volatility. Many work crews don’t know if they’ll have work from one week to the next, while others deal with seasonal shutdowns. We keep all our workers busy day in and day out all year long. We are experts at working through the worst our New England winters have to throw at us.


The second most common reason to leave the building trade is the lack of benefits. Once a worker starts building a family, they feel the need to provide more for their family than just a paycheck. We offer the most comprehensive benefits package in the business. We’ve never understood why swinging a hammer for a living meant that you deserved to go through life without the same level of compensation as those who don’t.


Promote From Within

We pull all our foremen and crew leaders out of our worker pool. Hiring outside for leadership is an easy way to import the bad habits we work so hard to avoid, so we just don’t do that. We take our best workers and teach them how to lead.


We don’t let talent linger, either. We take our best, most knowledgeable foremen and make them available as troubleshooters. They staff our Quality Assurance team and travel to all our worksites to inspect the work being done and solve the especially difficult problems that crop up from time to time.


Why We Do It

Many home solution companies get by on a constantly changing workforce and picking up licensed professionals from Craigslist when necessary and make plenty of money in the process. We could probably do the same, but we wouldn’t be us if we did. Our work quality would be all over the map, and we’d never know how long any of our projects would last. That’s just not what we want. Besides, it really is nice to roll up to any one of our worksites and know we’ll be greeted by smiling faces every single time.

If you plan to update your New Hampshire area home and want the best crews in the business doing the work, contact us at Jancewicz & Son to schedule a free estimate.

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