The Most Popular Types of Windows in Vermont for 2019

Vermont Replacement Window Styles

Which of these popular window styles will find its way to your home in 2019?

Trends are ever changing. Some window styles seem to transcend them, remaining popular for decades at a time. Other windows have only started to move forward from the background in the past few years or even months. Still more seem to be just now emerging, and it may be that 2019 is their year. Whatever the case, all of these windows are excellent replacement window options for 2019. The question is, which one is right for your home?


Double-hung windows have been the most popular window style since they were invented. They’re timeless, and don’t seem to be leaving the window trends for 2019 or any time soon. One thing that makes these windows so beloved is how easily functional they are. Double-hung windows are made of two sashes: one opens down, the other opens up so that you can customize your ventilation. They’re easy to clean, they look great, and fit with almost any style, in almost any room.

Picture Windows

In a world turning towards energy efficiency, picture windows are becoming more and more popular. These windows don’t open, which makes them a perfect option if you’re looking for more natural light without any potential drafts. Picture windows come in any style, shape, and size, so they’re easy to integrate into your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows were popular in the United Kingdom for years before they came to the US. These windows are tall and elegant with extended views, and unlike any other popular window style, they open from the side. These windows are great for homeowners who love to open the windows and let in some fresh air on a nice day or simply let in more natural light and outdoor views. Some homeowners even like to install casement windows on either side of a picture window of the same size to maximize their views.

Awning Windows

Awning windows, like casement windows, are hinged, but these windows open from the bottom outward. There’s an element of quirk to them that many homeowners with contemporary home styles enjoy. You can install them towards the top of the wall to allow light to flood down into the room or towards the bottom of the wall for a more eccentric look. These windows work best in rooms that need more light. However, if angled in the right direction, these windows can be great for bathrooms as well.

Whether you’re looking for new construction windows or replacement windows in 2019, these four styles are some of the best options you can choose. For the best quality of windows themselves and quality installation, contact Jancewicz & Son today.

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