The Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself Siding Installation

Sometimes taking on a home improvement project on your own can translate to saving money. However, the savings may not always be worth it. Installing siding on your own, for example, can lead to mishaps that professionals would have avoided. Once you’re more familiar with the pitfalls of DIY siding projects, you may want to schedule a siding installation service in Massachusetts.


No Design Help

When you tackle this installation on your own, you won’t have the sage advice of professionals who deal with siding on a regular basis. Do you need help picking out a color that will complement your current landscaping and roofing? Are you struggling to decide what type of siding to install? You could always ask your neighbor, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable getting help from someone who is certified by Certainteed Corporation? A little design help could lead to a better overall appearance.

Total Liability

Another downside of deciding to forgo a siding installation service in Massachusetts is that you have to shoulder all of the liability for the project. If your siding gets damaged or stolen before you can install it, you’ll either have to pay for it out of pocket or turn to your homeowner’s insurance. If your brother-in-law hurts himself while helping you install the siding, you could be responsible for his medical bills.

On the other hand, when you work with a licensed and insured professional, you don’t have to worry quite as much.  The contractor’s insurance covers building mishaps.

No Access to Warranties

Did you know that the warranty from some siding manufacturers is voided if you install the product on your own? That means if there’s a manufacturing problem, you could end up having to pay for a replacement on your own. A professional siding installation service in Massachusetts could also give you access to a warranty on the work that was done on your home.

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