The Roof Repair Process Explained

Roof Repair Vermont


Every spring, homeowners everywhere take a good look at their home to assess any damage that the harsh winter weather might have done to their home. The extreme winters in New England can leave you, as a homeowner, in need of a roof repair in Vermont. One of the most essential parts of your home that you will want to make sure is in tip-top condition is your roof. A roof will provide more protection to your home than any other part because it covers so much of your home. On the other hand, a leaky roof can also cause the most damage to your home, so it is the most crucial part of your home to keep in good shape. 


You might be able to assess your roof to see if it has any significant damage from winter’s snow and ice, or spring’s rains and winds. If the damage is not easy to spot, you will need to have a professional evaluation done by a roofing expert. Sometimes, roof damage has become extensive and costly before it can be detected. At Jancewicz and Son, we start each roof repair with an evaluation, not only of your roof but your attic as well. Sometimes, the damage that weather can cause to your roof will not be visible from the exterior of your home, but can be found in the attic or other interior parts of your home.


After a thorough evaluation, the next step is a thorough consultation. At Jancewicz and Son, it is important to us to have one-on-one communication with you from the start of the project to the finish. The evaluation continues with the consultation to give you the best roof repair in Vermont. It is in this step that all the costs and choices of materials will be considered. It is important to us at Jancewicz and Son that you are totally happy with the finished roof repair. It doesn’t matter if you need a small section of roof repaired and we match your shingles correctly, or if you need a complete roof replacement, we will treat your project the same. Your roof repair is of utmost importance to us.


When you hire a professional roof expert, they will not only look at the possible damage to your roofing materials; they will assess the possibility of damage to your rafters. Over time, a roof that is in need of repair can damage the structure of your home by rotting the beams. Sometimes, it is only a rafter or two, if caught soon enough. Sometimes, it is more if it is left unchecked. 

Roof Installment

The next step in your roof repair will be the actual roof itself. Your roof has several layers starting with the sheathing, which is the plywood or other sheeting material. The next layer is an underlayment material which will come in sheets or a roll. This layer will provide an added vapor barrier. The next layer will be what you see, such as shingles, tiles, or metal sheets. This layer is the fun part. You get to choose what kind and color of roof you have. This final layer is what adds the final layer of protection and gives your roof a beautiful look you will want it to have.


The rest of the roofing process will depend on your particular roof. You might have chimneys, skylights or vents that will need flashing to protect the areas and direct the water away from them.

Final Inspection

A final inspection will be done to make sure every part of your roof repair is to your satisfaction.

If you find that you might need a roof repair in Vermont, Jancewicz and Son has 80+ years in roof repairs and installations. It doesn’t matter if you need a small amount of weather damage repaired, a complete roof installation, or your roof needs to be restored to its original beauty. At Jancewicz and Son, we treat all projects with the same equal importance. We will make sure that your roofing job is done right, on time, and within your budget. So give us a call today at 1-800-281-3585 for an estimate on your roof repair.

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