The Timeless Allure of Cedar Roofing in New Hampshire

Throughout history, cedar roof has stood the test of time as a symbol of charm, beauty, and elegance. That distinct timeless look of cedar shingles and shakes is unmistakable and homes with cedar roofing in New Hampshire are revered and highly sought-after.

Cedar roofs go back a thousand years and often the first images that come to mind when people hear the term is that of historical homes and buildings. It’s difficult to separate the association of the cedar roof from beautiful historical scenes in our minds, nor should we try. Cedar roofs will always be a pleasant connection to the past and also an endearing feature of modern homes. Not every roofing material can boast such an achievement.

That Distinct and Unique Look

Cedar roofing is consistently the favorite choice of homeowners through New Hampshire and Vermont. One of the things that still give cedar roofs their charm and appeal for modern homeowners is that the unique look has not changed throughout the centuries.

That same unique, hand-cut look that makes cedar shakes so different than other roofing materials is still achieved today. This is largely due to the fact that much of the original process that was used centuries ago is still being used today. This is rare in the modern industries and is considered an art and a treasured skill.

Cedar Shakes For Character

Cedar shakes are cut and laid by hand. This is a talent has been handed down from generation to generation and continues to thrive. This is why you will not find an abundance of cedar roofing installation experts in New Hampshire. It requires both skilled craftsmanship and knowledge of modern roofing techniques to be done properly. This technique is also what gives each and every cedar shake its own individual shape, texture, and character. Such quality can only be achieved by this enduring process.

Cedar Shingles for Elegance

Cedar shingles carry all of the amazing benefits of cedar shakes but with a smooth, precise shape and texture. Cedar shingles are symmetrically sawn by machine and will result in a uniform design. This makes them an excellent roofing material for elegant Victorian or modern homes.

Cedar roofing starts out with rich texture and gorgeous red tones to the wood. As cedar roofs age, though, they develop a natural and beautiful effect that gives them that attractive silvery-grey color that you see on so many homes.

Advantages of Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofing not only carries the advantage of beauty but also has many practical advantages as well. It is durable and long-lasting. With proper roofing installation and maintenance in New Hampshire, you can expect your cedar roof to last for decades; possibly a lifetime. They are energy-efficient, and a completely eco-friendly, natural roofing option.

Jancewicz & Sons is a proud installer and repairer of cedar roofing. The time-honored traditions and craftsmanship have been passed down through the generations making us the company that we are today. We blend cutting-edge technology with old world values. Jancewicz & Son offers industry-leading shake & shingle roofing warranties and is still located at the same Bellows Falls address we have been at for over 80 years. Call us today for your free cedar roofing consultation.

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