Thinking DIY for Your Vinyl Siding Installation? Think Again!

Deerfield MA Vinyl Siding Installation

Trying to save money on your vinyl siding installation? Don’t go DIY.

It’s no secret that home improvement projects can be an investment. Sometimes when homeowners get intimidated by the cost of hiring a professional for their vinyl siding installation, they decide to take to Google and search for DIY tutorials. The idea is that they’ll only have to pay for materials. They’ll save money and even learn a new skill. However, there’s more to vinyl siding installation than you might realize. Here are a few reasons you might want to go with a professional.

Unexpected Paperwork

When you think of DIY home improvement projects, you probably don’t think about paperwork; but if you plan to install your siding on your own, you should. Most cities require building permits before taking on siding installation or other major home improvement projects. You’ll also have to deal with your own insurance in the event of any property damage or injury that could happen on the job, whereas most contractors have their own insurance and take care of building permits themselves.

Lost Time and Lost Expertise

You may not have to directly pay for labor when you choose to do a vinyl siding installation project on your own, but you will pay for it indirectly. Vinyl siding installation takes time, which may mean time taken off work or simply time taken out of your precious leisure time. It’s hard and often cumbersome work. You’re also likely losing the expertise of a vinyl siding contractor who may know the best way to install the siding to ensure it lasts the longest or tricks to make the installation less of a hassle.

Safety and Unexpected Costs

Vinyl siding installation also isn’t without risk. Accidents can happen, and those accidents could cause harm to yourself or someone helping you on the job. They can also cause harm to the siding itself or your home. If you have a professional contractor, unexpected damage or injury can be covered in their insurance at no extra cost to you. If you install the siding yourself, that means repairing, replacing, and covering any medical costs yourself or through your own insurance.

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