Tips For Getting Emergency Roof Repairs After Storm Damage In NH

5 Tips On Getting Emergency Roof Repair
After A New Hampshire Storm

Find Quality Roofers Experienced In Quick, Durable, And
Affordable Emergency Repair Services

If you’ve ever experienced roofing damage to your New Hampshire home after a storm, you know how stressful the process can be. When tree limbs protrude through your roof or leaks pour into your living room, it’s a high-stress, panic moment. Not only do you need to keep your family safe, but you need to find a reliable roofer immediately.

Time is not on your side in these instances, forcing many homeowners to pick the first company they find. However, if that company doesn’t know how to repair your roof correctly and instead does a patch-up job, you might be in for even further problems.

At Jancewicz & Son, we want our customers to be informed before an emergency strikes, so they’ll know exactly what to do when it does happen.

  1. Research Roofing Companies In Advance

It’s important to know where the closest emergency room to your home is, and it’s equally as important to know who to call when your roof needs emergency repairs. After storm damage, there’s little time to stop and spend time researching roofing companies, which is why it’s vital to do your research in advance.

Proper research allows you to choose wisely instead of relying on the first number that pops up. Learn a bit about the company in advance to get the best repair and price. Ensure they even have an emergency number and browse their website to see what services they offer.

Though you might not receive an exact estimate until they assess the damage, you can call ahead and ask for their emergency reply fee or what they charge to come out. A great emergency roofer will be on call 24/7, giving you complete assurance that they are there for you.

  1. Don’t Try To Assess The Damage Yourself

Though some storm damage is quite obvious, it’s best not to fully inspect your damage, as you risk the chance of falling objects, an unstable structure, and even possibly snapped electrical lines. Emergency storm damage assessment is best left to the professionals, who can go about it safely and securely.

After emergency storm damage, you should get yourself and anyone else in your household to a safe place until your home is deemed safe. An emergency roofing service will come out and temporarily cover the damage until the storm has stopped and it’s safe for their team to repair the issue fully.

  1. Contact Your Home Insurance ASAP

Home insurance companies cover most storm damage, so it’s always a good idea to make them your second call when an emergency hits. Your agent should be able to tell you precisely what your policy covers.

Once you know what is covered and your expert roofer has correctly diagnosed the problem, you can file your insurance claim. We recommend waiting to file your claim until your damage is assessed by a professional roofer, as insurance adjusters don’t often spot the full extent of the damage.

A good roofing company may even offer to negotiate with your insurance or be present when your adjuster comes to your home to point out everything they see. This way, you’ll file an accurate claim and get the money back that you deserve.

  1. Make Notes And Collect Documentation

We also suggest taking good photographs of the damage when it’s safe and making any notes you need to, as insurance companies often require proof of your damage. Many insurance adjusters nowadays don’t even come out to the property and instead rely on photographs, making it crucial to document everything.

Keep notes of what your roofer and insurance company say to relay between the two clearly and to keep evidence in case anything goes array. You’ll be prepared to state your case and show hard proof if there’s a problem.

  1. Complete Your Repairs As Soon As Possible

After an emergency roofer comes out, they may only conduct a temporary repair into a long-term solution that is agreed upon. Don’t put off the long-term solution! Prolonging your repair can easily lead to further issues and a growing problem.

Insurance companies are not likely to cover anything beyond the immediate storm damage, so if problems like wood rot occur, it’s up to you to cover the rest. Plus, your original repair estimate may no longer hold true if the damage worsens over the following days and weeks.

Getting your repairs done as soon as possible helps you avoid more headaches and needless spending. It will also get your roof in tip-top shape again before another storm blows through. If your roof is left damaged and vulnerable during another storm, there’s no telling what can happen!

At Jancewicz & Son, We Do New Hampshire Roof Installations To Perfection

At Jancewicz & Son, we’re here for you when those New Hampshire disasters strike, and, trust us, it feels mighty good to have a quality and reliable roofing company on your side. Not only do we accurately assess your damage, but we ensure you get the most out of your insurance claims.

Ensuring your roof is in fine working condition before the big storm is the biggest thing you can do to prevent damage in the first place, which is why we offer thorough roofing inspections in addition to our repairs and replacements. Plus, insurance companies love to see customers that regularly maintain their homes!

Contact us today for a free roofing estimate and schedule your appointment!

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