Tips For Styling Your Dream Deck

Style Tips For Your Newbury, NH Deck From
A Professional Decking Contractor

Make Your Outdoor Space Stand
Out From The Crowd

Designing a deck for your home is much easier when you have the help of a professional decking contractor in Newbury, NH. Jancewicz & Son is thrilled to help our homeowners design a deck that both meets all of their needs and enhances their home’s unique style.

We have been the trusted contractor among homeowners for over 90 years and know what it takes to design decks that our customers love. We want to help you get a head start in your deck design by offering some advice.

While building the perfect deck is one of the most important steps, styling it is just as vital. Here are a few tips to help you style your outdoor space.

Include A Dining Area In The Design
Of Your Custom Deck

One of the most important things to consider when you are designing your deck is how you would like to own it. For many, designing a deck that operates as an outdoor dining or cooking space is a wonderful option.

We can help you choose the ideal size that will fit your dining furniture, grill, and more with ease and beauty. We can even build a multi-level deck that offers space for a dining area and additional space for plants, chairs to relax in, and more.

When you choose the furniture for your outdoor dining area, choose something unique and complementary to the rest of your home. For many, simple black or brown furniture is a fantastic option. Neutral colors are timeless and give your home a classic vibe.

If you are looking for something more unique, consider adding outdoor dining furniture with a pattern or bright and exciting color. This will make your deck stand out and give your home a personal feel that you can enjoy.

Install Outdoor Lighting To Your Newbury, NH Deck

Outdoor lighting has been a popular style choice for homeowners in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. Including outdoor lighting on your deck is a wonderful way to transform it into a more inviting space and create an outdoor living area that can be enjoyed during the day and the night.

There are many ways that you can include lighting on your custom deck. Many homeowners choose to install lighting within the deck itself, either on the stairs or on the edges. This beautiful built-in feature is a fantastic option.

Others enjoy adding their own lighting to their deck. You may want to wrap lights around your railings or line the edges of your deck. This illuminates the area and creates a beautiful look that anyone will enjoy.

Plant Flowers Or Add A Container
Garden To Your Custom Deck

There is no better way to introduce more color and beauty to your deck design than adding a container garden or planting flowers around the edges. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to get creative and choose colorful and bold flowers.

You can also plant vegetables or herbs in your container garden. Not only does this give your outdoor living space a natural look, but it can also provide you with fantastic fresh products that you can use in the kitchen.

Consider planting mint, basil, tomatoes, and more. You can watch them grow and enjoy your garden’s benefits while cooking in your kitchen.

Experiment With The Colors
Of Your Decking Materials

While you may have commonly seen brown wood decks in the Merrimack County area, no rule says this is your only option. When you come to Jancewicz & Son, we will collaborate with you to help you design a deck that meets all your needs. This includes choosing the perfect colors.

Consider choosing something that is bold and stands out for your custom deck. This will produce a unique appearance that makes your home stand out in the neighborhood. You may even want to consider installing multiple colors of your decking materials.

You can choose a common brown deck and accent it with white or black rails to make it meet your personal style. You could also choose one color for the deck itself and another for the stairs.

The only limit is your imagination when you work with a deck contractor like Jancewicz & Son. When we say custom, we mean it. We will offer the best solution for your home.

If you are searching for the best decking contractor in Newbury, NH, look no further than Jancewicz & Son. Get in touch with us today to get your free estimate.

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