Top 4 Fall Home Improvement Projects

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Home improvement isn’t limited to one particular season, but some seasons are better for certain projects than others. Autumn, with its cooler temperatures and crisp air, can be perfect for working on your home. Thinking about tackling some home improvement this fall? Here are a few of our favorite projects to help spark some inspiration.

Window Replacement

Maybe you’ve been aware that you needed to replace your windows for a while but didn’t want to do so in the stuffy heat of summer. Now that temperatures have cooled down, however, letting in that outside air for the brief duration of the project might even be a welcome refreshment. Replacing your windows in autumn will also ensure that you have more energy efficient windows that help you seal heat inside your home for the winter months, so you don’t run up your heating bills trying to keep your home comfortable.

Exterior Paint

Does your siding need a fresh coat of paint? In fall, the humidity of summer is faded, making it easier to get exterior paint jobs finished. Early autumn is best for these projects, as there are still some warmer days during that time, but you may be able to find the perfect day in November, as well. Make sure you have the right kind of paint for your type of siding. This may also make you aware of problems you might not have noticed before with your siding in the event that you need to replace it.

Roof Inspection

Before winter comes in, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected. This will help you to catch any leaks, problems with your roof gutters, or loose flashing before the harsh weather of winter comes in. The first snow of the year can be a rough time for your roof, and soon after that, lingering ice can threaten. It’s always good to know that your roof is in good health, as well as your roof gutters, before that time.

Seasonal Maintenance

There are also a few small projects you can take on yourself in order to keep your home in good shape through autumn and prepared for winter. You should clean your gutters out from any leaves, twigs, and debris so that they’re clear to funnel water away from your home. Rake leaves away from your yard to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Fall is a great time to wash your deck or porch and cover furniture in preparation for winter. Do you love to garden? Consider adding mulch in order to protect your perennials.

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