Ways To Plan For A Home Addition In New Hampshire

How Should You Plan For A Home Addition  In New Hampshire?

Proper Planning Will Keep You Connected With Your Hired Carpentry Company

Preparing for a New Hampshire home addition can seem overwhelming – there’s so much to think about and plan for during the process. The expectations can be even more stressful if you’ve never done a home addition. However, planning and knowing fully what to expect will save you headaches and give you a hassle-free experience.

Even though we’ve successfully completed hundreds of home additions since our inception in 1933, we understand that they are a new experience for many of our customers. At Jancewicz & Son, we want our clients to go into their exciting projects feeling informed and empowered, which makes the overall process much smoother for everyone involved.

Whether adding a few more square feet to your kitchen, a full-sized room, or a whole second story, here are ways to plan for your home addition.

Figure Out What You Want To Add

Many times, it’s obvious we need more space in our homes, but it might not be as simple as rearranging furniture. If you need more kitchen space, a pop-out is perfect for you. However, if you need help pinpointing where your needed space should go, consider which rooms you use the most.

If your family spends most of their time in the living room, perhaps expanding the living room or adding living space is the answer. Similarly, adding bedrooms or a second story is perfect for a growing family so there is plenty of space for everyone to relax and enjoy being at home.

Consult a professional home remodeling company if you’re still uncertain how to achieve your desired vision. Experts often know what works best for certain homes or families, helping guide you in the right direction.

Set An Accurate Budget

Coming up with your budget is crucial in establishing your boundaries right off the bat. Consider the expense of all parts of your home addition and what you are willing to spend on your project. It never hurts to get estimates from multiple companies to help give you an idea of your costs.

Once you set your budget and know what you want, you might be left with discrepancies or notice your dream addition is way over budget. When this happens, list the things you must have, keeping your original wants in mind.

This list of wants will become your wish list and can always be added back in if your needs are met and you’re still within budget. 

Check With Your HOA And Local Zoning Office

Before you start an exterior home remodeling or improvement project, it’s always best to check with your HOA, if you have one, or your local zoning office. Different rules and regulations for every district or city can significantly influence what you’re allowed to do.

Some neighborhoods or areas have rules against multiple levels and may only allow you to add one story if any. Height regulations constitute a significant factor to consider before moving forward with your project. If you’re adding out instead of up, an updated survey will give you your lot’s exact measurements, ensuring you stay within your property lines.

Many HOAs have guidelines for exterior building materials, like siding and roofs, including color and material. These rules will also greatly dictate your home addition plans moving forward.

Hire The Right Construction Company

Hiring the right team for your project is the hardest decision when planning your home addition. Though contractors are a dime a dozen, finding a trustworthy, honest, and experienced home improvement company can feel nearly impossible.

When looking for the perfect contractor for your project, check for quality products, clear communication, and respect in your interactions. Also, read customer reviews, case studies, or testimonials – anything that will give you a taste of the type of company they are. A strong reputation is a good sign that you’re hiring the right company.

Design Your Home Addition

Designing your home addition is the most fun part of the planning process. If your contractor does not offer design services, an outside design consultant can help you design the perfect addition. Using modern technology, most home designers can create a 3D picture of your project, giving you an accurate visual of your space.

When designing your home addition, think of the layout, square footage, exterior materials, and colors, plus interior design features such as lighting and flooring. After your design is complete and confirmed by your contractor, they’ll order your materials and schedule a start date.

Start Your Build!

Your contractor or project manager will give you a project timeline estimate. Depending on what you’re getting done, you may still be able to live in your home during the remodeling process. Your project might take anywhere from weeks to months, so communication with your contractor is vital in keeping you up to speed.

The hardest part is waiting for your project to be complete as the excitement builds. Once your addition is complete, fall in love with your new space and extra room!

Choose The Right New Hampshire Carpenter Construction Company To Ensure The Best Results

As we said, choosing the right contractor for your New Hampshire home addition is vital in ensuring you get the results you want. At Jancewicz & Son, we’ve been committed for almost 90 years to providing customer satisfaction and excellent home additions. We take customer care incredibly seriously, ensuring you always receive clear communication.

We use the best quality products for your home additions, and our builders and installers are bar none. Highly trained and experienced, we never use day laborers or subcontractors – instead, we invest in dedicated and passionate employees. It makes all the difference!

Contact us today for a free home addition estimate and to schedule your appointment!

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