We Keep In Such Constant Contact That You Just Might Set Us A Plate For Dinner

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Everyone knows the old cliche of the disappearing contractor. Well, we are the opposite of that guy. We believe that keeping our customers informed is one of the most important parts of the home remodeling process, and we back that feeling up with constant updates. If anything is about to happen or change with your project, we make sure that you know all about it almost as soon as we do.


We Are Obsessed With Communication

Home remodeling projects are never simple. They involve a complicated process that can include many different people working from multiple offices all over the area. You have designers, architects, vendors, suppliers, delivery drivers, foremen, and work crews all working together to pull a project together for our customers. The opportunities for something to fall through the cracks are virtually infinite. Keeping everything running smoothly requires a true dedication to keeping everyone involved fully informed.


What We Know – You Know

While this may seem like a crazy web of intersecting paths (and it is), it can be handled smoothly so long as you have crystal clear communication between all people involved in the project. Every small request, every tiny delay, and every successful delivery must be documented and verified if we want to prevent confusion.


Where we differ from the average home solutions company is that we include our customers in that web. Every bit of information we have our customers have as well.

Your Friends Will Think You’re Psychic

Nothing about your project will surprise you. You will know about every little thing to do with your build before it happens. Be it supplies, materials, or licensed specialists; you’ll know when and why they will be arriving at your job site.


If there is a delay at any point in your project’s process, you will not only know about it immediately, but you will know what has caused it and how long it should last. For the duration of your project, you will be the least surprised person on your street.


Some Customers Have Even Begged Us To Stop

While we let you pick the method of interaction, be it email, text, or the good old-fashioned phone call, you need to be prepared for the level of communication you will be encountering until your project is complete.


There are a lot of moving pieces to every home project, and we will tell you about every single one. We have even had customers beg us to stop blowing up their phone or inbox with our messages.


Sure, the sheer volume of information can get a little overwhelming but compare that to the other guy, the one in the cliche. In the home solution business, silence isn’t mysterious; it’s downright scary.


There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Communication

We understand that what we do for a living is to tear at someone’s home and then put it back better than before, sometimes in an entirely new shape. We get that even the calmest person in the world will get nervous about such a dramatic change to their environment, especially when they are spending thousands of dollars for the privilege.


Fear Can’t Exist When There Are No Mysteries

The best way, the only way to make these projects an enjoyable process is to keep our customers informed. About everything. Home remodeling is the ultimate exchange of trust, and the wise live by the words, “Trust but verify.” We make certain that our customers can do just that. Each step is explained and each decision is verified several times.


Problems Can’t Exist When The Solutions Come First

Minds can change, situations can develop, and plans may need to be modified. The best time to do that is before the next step has begun. Our policy of constant communication gives us the best chance to avoid moving forward when what we should be doing is listening to our customer.


Our goal is never just to build a thing and move on. Our goal is to give our customers exactly what they want in a stress-free process that involves them from start to finish: no surprises, no confusion, and no mistakes. Just a promise fulfilled and many future years to spend enjoying what we all helped to create.

If you live in the New Hampshire area and want a stress-free home remodeling project of your own, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate. Then, keep your phone close.

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