The Time We Spent $20,000 Fixing A Five-Year-Old Mistake We Didn’t Make

Snow-covered roof of a large commercial building with multiple air-conditioning units


Sometimes, maintaining a reputation for standing behind your work can come with a high price tag. This was one such time, and we did it with a smile on our faces. Why? Because our reputation for quality and integrity is so strong that the customer expecting us to handle this particular issue was an amazing compliment in its own way.



What You Ask For Isn’t Always What You Get

The customer in this situation was a commercial customer with a massive building that needed their roof resurfaced. The task was fairly straightforward, and we anticipated a good result for everyone concerned. We ordered the proper high-grade roofing paint and proceeded to prepare and resurface their huge roof. 


We finished the project, our customer checked our work and everyone was happy with the result for five long years. Then the leaks began.


Time To Choose

The manufacturer of the roofing paint we used had something happen to the batch of paint we used on that gigantic roof. This manufacturing error couldn’t have been predicted, but the results were unacceptable to our customer and ourselves. Unfortunately, only one company between the three involved had a warranty that was still in effect.


The paint outlasted its warranty period, even though it failed long before it should have. We could have easily left it to our customer to fight it out with the manufacturer and would have been legally right to do so. But that isn’t who we are. Our warranty, our promise, was still in full effect, so we did what was right instead of what was financially prudent.


A No Brainer For Us – Heresy For The Industry

Our decision to take care of our customer first and our bottom line second looks like insanity to the average roofing and home solutions company. But they don’t have our reputation, and they wouldn’t be interested in maintaining it at such a cost if they did. We have a different way of looking at things.


We consider ourselves a part of our community and that every customer should be treated like our neighbors.  To us, there was never a choice. We resurfaced that roof, and the roof was leaking, so we needed to do it again. And we did.


It didn’t matter that five years had gone by, or that the failure happened in a paint factory and not on that roof, or that we could legally abstain from doing something about the leaks. All that mattered was that we had a promise to uphold, and we were in the promise business.


We went back and re-resurfaced that monster roof at no additional cost to our customer but to the tune of a $20,000 loss to ourselves. And we did it with a smile.

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