What Happens During A Metal Roof Replacement?

The Standing Seam Metal Roofing
Process From Start To Finish For
Grantham, NH Homeowners

From The Consultation To The Final
Inspection Of The Roof Panels,
We Explain Everything

Your home is pretty important to you. After all, it’s one of the largest investments you’ve made so far. You’re doing all the right things, including choosing standing seam metal roofing in Grantham, NH to protect it.

While you know this roofing material is top-of-the-line, you may wonder what goes into the metal roofing process. At Jancewicz & Son, we don’t want our homeowners to enter into their projects without all the important information.

We’ve created this guide to help walk you through each phase of the metal roofing process. You’ll be ready to take on your standing seam metal roofing installation in no time.

1. The Initial Consultation To Determine
Your Metal Roofing System Needs

During your initial consultation, one of our specialists will come to your home to get to know you and learn exactly what you want to gain from your roofing project. We’ll discuss the options for roofing types and styles, helping you choose the best solution for your needs.

Based on your roofing material selection and other project details, we’ll provide a custom-designed proposal for the standing seam installation on your home. At this time, we can also typically provide an estimated project completion timeline.

This consultation aims to get to know you as an individual, not another project. We won’t bend your arm to get you to sign a contract. Instead, we’ll provide valid, honest solutions that stand the test of time and leave your decision-making up to you.

2. Obtaining Any Needed Permits
For Your Metal Roof Installation

Getting a new roof in Sullivan County may require permitting. Individual municipalities require permits for re-roofing projects, which can be a tricky process if you’re not familiar with it. Depending on what other scopes of work are specified in conjunction with your roofing project, a permit may be required.

Once we assess your existing roof, we’ll be able to determine if you need a permit. Additionally, we can help you obtain any necessary documentation needed to begin working on your installation.

3. Completing Your Metal Roof Installation

We’ll schedule you for your metal roof installation after you’ve accepted your estimate and any needed permits are obtained. This process has several important steps that we will follow to the letter. At Jancewicz & Son, we believe in doing things right or not doing them at all.

Preparing Your Roof For Installation

The first thing we’ll do after our initial setup is prepare your roof for the installation. This involves removing your existing roofing down to the decking. This step is critical to allowing us to see the underlying roofing structure and identify any hidden damage. If damage is found, we’ll complete all needed repairs.

Installing The Underlayment

While your newly installed standing seam metal roofing will be very water-resistant, we’ll still install an underlayment. This barrier acts as a backup layer to fully ensure you have no water leakage problems. Building codes also require the installation of a peel and stick water barrier in certain locations on your roof.

Installing The Flashing

Flashing is an essential component of any roofing system. It is installed around all roof penetrations, which include vents, skylights, and chimneys. This placement ensures a watertight seal around these potentially vulnerable spots on your roof.

Installing The Metal Panels And Seams

To ensure a perfect fit every time, Jancewicz & Son uses our pan-forming machines to form standing seam metal panels on site. As they are made, we install them vertically from the eaves to the roof’s ridge.

Every panel we fabricate seamlessly locks together with adjacent panels to form the perfect watertight barrier. Then, we secure it all to the roof decking with screws and hidden clips to ensure you have a smooth and flawless new roof.

Once all the panels are in place, their seams are crimped to ensure the roof’s integrity and prevent leaks.

4. The Final Walkthrough For Your
New Standing Seam Metal Roof

After the installation is complete, our crew will meticulously clean your property. When we’re finished with a project, we strive to leave the property looking better than we found it.

The project manager will then complete a walkthrough verifying that everything has been installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and our incredibly high standards. Then, they’ll meet with you to ensure your total satisfaction with the completed roof.

Are You Ready For A New Metal Roofing
System In Grantham, NH?

At Jancewicz & Son, we go the extra mile on every roof installation we complete. There’s no such thing as settling for less when it comes to the ideal roofing materials. We know that standing seam roofing is the ideal metal roofing option, so we went a step further and found the best brand for our Sullivan County homeowners.

Our installers are all at the top of their game when it comes to precision installations and respectful treatment of our customers. We all ensure we provide lasting solutions, not cookie-cutter options that may not work for everyone.

So, when you’re ready for a new metal roof installation in Grantham, NH, turn to the experts at Jancewicz & Son. Call us today at 800-281-3585 for your free roofing estimate.

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