What Is the Best Material For My Front Door?

North Walpole Front Door Replacement

It all comes down to the right materials (for your front door).

Is it time for a new front door? Your front door is essential to your home for many reasons: security, energy efficiency, style. It’s one of the biggest pieces of your home’s first impression. So choosing a new door is no small decision. Often, it comes down to having the right material, but what is the best material for your front door? Let’s combine some of the most common door materials out there.


Wood is the classic choice. In fact, sometimes steel and fiberglass doors are even made to look like wood because of its elegant look. Wood is sturdy and has great thermal performance, but it can be high maintenance. It needs regular staining and protection from moisture, which is all too common in the Vermont climate. If your wood door warps over time, its insulating properties will be worn down.


Steel doors are a common alternative to wood. They can be designed to look like wood, but are sturdier and don’t warp or rot. Steel is often used for industry doors, but can be used for residential doors, as well. These doors hold up to rain, snow, extreme heat and extreme cold very well. They also hold up to force excellently, making them a very secure option. However, they can become dented or may have issues with peeling paint, so they still require some maintenance.


Fiberglass doors are an investment, but many homeowners find them worth it. These doors are often as sturdy as steel doors, boosting the security for your home. When it comes to insulation and energy efficiency, however, they’re known to outperform wood and steel both. They also resist denting, warping, rotting, or swelling that competing materials may struggle with. Their color is often long-lasting, but these doors can be repainted if need be and will have less of an issue with peeling paint. 

When it comes to door materials, we find fiberglass to be the trustiest option on the market today. However, different homeowners have different priorities. The choice is ultimately up to you. Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information on the best door materials for your home.

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