What’s The Best Time Of The Year To Replace Windows?

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Homeowners often want to know when the best time to remodel this or that on their New Hampshire home is? The answer can be different depending on the project and the space being remodeled. When it comes to window replacement, the answer is simple.


Ask Yourself One Important Question

Every homeowner knows the best time to replace windows. They prove it throughout the year. All they have to do is ask themselves one simple question.

“When are you most likely to leave your windows wide open?”

And there you are. In all honesty, there are two answers to this question: Early Spring and early Fall. You say to yourself, so what? How does that matter?

Well, what’s the worst part of having your windows replaced? Our guess is that it’s the gaping holes in your walls during the installation process. So why not do it when you are going to have giant holes in your walls anyway? The only real difference is the lack of screens when installing the new windows.


But That’s Two Answers, Not One

Yes, there are two answers, and each is equally valid. When you dig deeper, you fall into six of one and a half-dozen of the other territory.

In the early fall, insect activity is on the decline, and open holes are less problematic. But temperature drops overnight can be dramatic and affect the curing of certain sealants if it gets too cold.

In the early spring, temperatures are more stable, but the insect activity grows quickly, making an unscreened hole in your wall an unpleasant concept.

If you look ahead, you are facing harsh winter weather or steamy summer temperatures after the work is done. Are you more anxious to prevent cold drafts or sticky summer humidity from entering your home?


What Do The Installers Say?

If you query any installer, most of them will focus more on the most difficult time to install windows, but if you press them, they will pick Spring most of the time. The weather is more stable, creating less movement in the materials and making it easier to gauge which type of caulk to use.

What? Oh, yeah. The worst time. That vote is unanimous and points straight at Winter. Cold winds, crazy low temperatures, and snow all make winter no fun for window installers.


So… Spring?

Absolutely! Spring is the big winner. Though fall is great, too. And summer isn’t too bad, either. Even winter works when necessary.



The real answer to the best time to replace your home windows is: as soon as you realize you need new windows. Sure, spring is easiest on the installers, but waiting for the right season to roll around could cause added expense if your windows are in bad shape. That means you spent all winter heating a drafty house. Or, if you waited for fall, you spent all summer trying to cool a swamp.

So, what’s the best time to have your home windows replaced? Right after you notice an issue. Don’t let the season drive your decisions; installers work all year long for a reason. They know that waiting is a gamble.

If you have noticed a problem with the windows in your Greater New Hampshire area home, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate. And yes, we’re here all year long.

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