What’s Hot This Year in Outdoor Living

Vermont Custom Deck Building

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to start thinking of your outdoor living space. This could be the perfect year to look into custom deck building, or to spruce up the outdoor living space you already have. But what’s in this year? While you want to make your outdoor living space your own, it also helps to look at the popular trends to find some inspiration going forward.

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Space

More and more, homeowners are looking for a more seamless transition between their indoor and outdoor space. This could mean windows or patio doors indoors that offer extended views of the outdoors, but often, one of the best ways to do this is through furniture arrangement. Your deck should be as comfortable as your indoor living room. Search for water resistant, but cozy seating and arrange it around a coffee table, much like a living room. You can also have a fireplace installed in your deck to add to that level of comfort and feeling of an outdoor living room.

Outdoor Kitchen

A custom deck can be perfect for entertaining, but hosting a party outside can be frustrating when you have to constantly run to the kitchen to prepare food for everyone. That’s why many homeowners are bringing their kitchen outdoors, or at least, installing a small kitchen into their deck. These often include a grill, a sink, a small counter space where you can prep, and even a mini-fridge and small drawers for storage. The benefits here are obvious: now you can continue to mingle and socialize with your friends and family while you prepare the refreshments.

Play On the Natural Elements

The best part of enjoying your outdoor space is being out in nature, so why not play on the natural elements that surround your custom deck? You can add potted plants strategically to the surface of the deck, or create flower or herb beds along the side of a paved walkway in your outdoor space. You can also use natural elements in the design of your deck. Maybe you’d like a surface with the look of stone or textured deck walls that feel rugged and natural. You have a beautiful backdrop already there for you. Now it’s just a matter of using it to the best of your abilities.

Have some ideas for your custom deck building to help your outdoor living space really stand out? Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information.

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