What Should You Look for During a Roofing Inspection?

If you want to take good care of every aspect of your roof, you will schedule regular roof inspections. This checkup for your roof looks at the status of everything from the roof deck to the shingles. It can also help you figure out if it is time for a new shingle in Massachusetts. The professionals should give you an overview of the health of your system, including a quick look at the following potential problems.

Cleanliness of the Surface

A dirty roof surface can lead to larger problems in the future. For example, twigs can penetrate shingles, certain leaves can cause staining and lots of debris can add too much weight to your roof. Ideally, your inspection will show that there are no odd growths or piles of debris on your roof’s surface.

Damage to the Shingles

The biggest question asked during an examination of this sort is, ‘How is the shingle on the Massachusetts home?’ Missing granules, loose shingles, cracks and bubbles point to a weak layer of protection. The shingles are supposed to keep water from penetrating the roof deck, but these imperfections make it easier for water to find its way into your house.

Issues with the Flashing

Flashing is a waterproof barrier often found around chimneys, at the eaves and along the valleys. When this material is broken or missing, water is able to get at the more susceptible materials underneath. A healthy roof is protected by flashing.

Problems in the Attic

A roof inspection is not really complete until the professional goes into your attic. It’s impossible to see what is going on underneath the shingle in Massachusetts, but you can see what’s going on in the attic to better understand the overall health of the system. Staining of the roof deck or mold buildup in the attic space could point to a current water problem, such as a leak.

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