What Style Of Window Is Best For Your Home?

Breakfast nook with dining table and large replacement bow window


Many of the homes in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont still have their original windows despite their inefficiency. Often, the reason is that homeowners fear that replacement windows won’t look right on their home – and we don’t blame them a bit.

That’s why we offer windows from multiple manufacturers to ensure that you can find the perfect replacement windows for your home.


Replacement Window Frames

We have all types of window frames available from which you can choose. We can install windows with frames made from vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or composites. No matter your budget, we can find replacement windows that are perfect for you and your home.


Window Options Galore

Just because we are pulling out a standard window, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace it with the same thing. There are a ton of window styles available, such as:

  • Awning – A horizontal window that opens from the bottom.
  • Bay/Bow – A series of windows (minimum of three) that bow out from the wall. Often with seating or shelving within the opened space.
  • Casement – A vertical window that opens from the side, usually with a crank mechanism.
  • Corner – A pair of windows that cover both edges of a corner in your home.
  • Double Hung – A single window with two movable sashes. Excellent for maximizing airflow in your home.
  • Picture – A window that cannot be opened and has no moving parts.
  • Picture Specialty Shapes – A picture window manufactured to a non-standard shape of your choice.
  • Single Hung – A window with only one movable sash at the bottom.
  • Sliding – A window with at least one sash that slides open sideways.
  • Storefront – A series of picture windows within a single frame.

Plus, you can add a round-top window to many of these windows for some added style. While the above represents quite a bit of variety, you’re far from exhausting the possibilities available with replacement windows.


Protection, Privacy, And Style

Once you’ve settled on the shape of your windows, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of the type of glass you want in your windows. You can choose different levels of UV protection to keep the sun’s rays from fading your carpet or harming your furniture, and select coatings designed to keep as much heat inside your home as possible.

When it comes to privacy, you can add glass that obscures the view into your home, cuts it off completely, or just gives your windows a more interesting look. You can also pick internal window shades so you’ll never have to clean window shades again.

Then, you can choose from many styles of inserts to create an old-school look for your windows. From the look of mock leaded windows to replicating what you have now, the world is your oyster.

When you are through making all of your choices, your windows will be just as unique as your home.

And the best thing is that all that style comes with the energy efficiency of modern replacement windows. That means less energy wasted having to heat and cool your home, and that means lower energy bills. Win-Win!

If you want to bring your New Hampshire area home into the 21st century, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate.

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