What To Expect During The Best Siding Installation Process In Central Massachusetts

An installer placing green vinyl siding for installation on a Central Mass home

Your Comfort Is Part Of The Plan

Let’s face it – like most Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire homeowners, the part you dread the most with any exterior home remodel is the installation. Visions of loud music, discarded cigarettes, dangerous conditions, and guys you’d never allow to talk to your kids are what most homeowners expect from most contracting crews.

The bad news is that those images aren’t far from the truth.

The good news is that isn’t how Jancewicz & Son does things.

Our installation process is a world away from the unpleasant experiences so common in our industry and is why we’re one of the top contractors in the business.

Getting Things Ready

Before we show up to install your new siding, there are a few things that a homeowner can do to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible:

  • Scout Your Perimeter – Ensure that anything that could be damaged by falling debris is moved away from the exterior walls of your home. Items like grills, potted plants, and patio furniture should be temporarily stored away from your home to keep them safe.
  • Remove Loose Items – Be sure to remove anything you have hanging from or near your home’s siding. That way, you can be certain that they are stored safely until it’s time to put them back up.
  • Clear All Loose Items From Your Yard – Pet and children’s toys can disappear in your lawn until someone trips over them. When that someone is carrying tools or materials, that can be a big problem.
  • Park In The Street – While our installers are always careful, a wind gust at the wrong time can send material flying to the ground. A vehicle in your driveway is at greater risk of getting accidentally dented than if it were sitting safely in the street.
  • Consider Your Pets – Installing new siding is not a quiet process. If loud noises easily spook your pets, you may want to drop them off with friends or family for the project’s duration. If they do stay, please ensure that they won’t be putting themselves in harm’s way by getting underfoot while the work is in progress.
  • Preach Safety – Let your children know where the danger zones are (anywhere near the perimeter of your home) and stress that they need to keep away from the work area. While our installers are careful to keep debris to a minimum, there’s a potential for loose nails in the area before the end-of-day cleanup.

Each of these steps will help to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a safe, calm, and accident-free installation.

Installation Day

On installation day, most of the materials will be waiting for the installation crew when they arrive. Our installers will show up on time and with the remaining materials and equipment needed to get the job done.

What you’ll notice right away is that all of our workers are well-groomed and, if you happen to speak to them, respectful and polite.

What you won’t see or hear is any level of impropriety or any loud music or coarse language. This isn’t magic, but rather the result of training every worker, no matter how experienced, how to do things the Jancewicz way.

A big part of that is how we prep the work area before we begin. Any plants that can’t be moved out of the way will be covered with tarps to protect them, and delicate foliage will be marked to avoid them getting trampled during the installation.

Removing The Old Siding

While this is generally known as ‘demo day’, our process is more careful than it sounds. We will carefully remove your old siding and move the debris directly into a dumpster.

As we remove your siding, we will also be inspecting the material we are exposing. We check for any signs of rot, insect damage, or weakened structures. If we see anything that needs to be addressed, we’ll bring it to the homeowner’s attention and advice on how to solve the issue.

What we will never do is quietly cover the problem back up. Sure, fixing problems can slow down the process, but that’s far more acceptable than setting a homeowner up for trouble down the road.


Not every homeowner has or wants insulation behind their siding. However, it’s well worth the extra expense since insulating your siding can have a huge effect on your energy bills.

If there is already insulation under your siding, we’ll inspect it to ensure no flaws could cause trouble years later.

If you want insulation behind your siding, this is the point that we’d install it onto your home.

Your New Siding

When we install your new siding, we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter. That’s an important point because failing to do so will eliminate your product warranty.

Even a slight change to the type of trim we use can affect your warranty, so we are careful to never stray from using the proper materials and installing them with the proper procedures.

Throughout The Installation Process

As our installers work through the day, they know to keep an eye on their work area. All materials must be stacked neatly at all times, and leaving tools unattended, or debris around the yard is completely unacceptable.

Though we ask that no family members or pets be allowed near the work, we try to ensure there are no overt dangers laying around just in case we have any four-legged or young visitors while we are working.

Our installers also know never to display any behaviors that may upset you. Yelling, loud music, cursing, and tobacco use are forbidden on all work sites.

At the end of each workday, our workers go through the entire worksite removing all debris (small pieces of material, loose nails) with brooms and magnetic sweepers to keep the area as neat and safe as possible.

Finishing The Project

On the final day, your project manager will do a final walkthrough of the project with you to ensure nothing was missed and that you are satisfied with our work. No project is complete until you’re completely happy.

Once both you and the project manager are satisfied with the installation and the final cleanup is completed, you’ll be left with a copy of your warranties and a nice, fresh look for your home.

But our relationship is far from over. If you ever have an issue with our workmanship, just give us a call, and we’ll make it right. And if the issue is with the product instead, we’ll stay by your side and help you navigate the manufacturer’s warranty process.

Once you’ve partnered with us on a project, we’re your partners for life!

If you’d like to replace the siding on your Central Mass, Vermont, or New Hampshire home and want it done by the best in the business, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate.

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