What You Need To Know About Adding A Deck To Your Home

When you’ve been stuck inside all winter, one of the first things that you look forward to as spring approaches is getting outdoors and enjoying some sunshine. When the outdoors begins to beckon you this spring, where will you want to go? The first answer should be your own backyard. With a dynamic deck, it can be. Before adding a deck to your home, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself that will help in planning for your new deck.

Can I add a deck to my home?

One of the first questions that many homeowners have is wondering if adding a deck to their home is even possible. Decks are ideal for a variety of landscapes. They are especially useful if your yard is sloping and you want a flat area. Decks can be various heights depending on your home. If your home sits above the ground or if you have a basement adding a deck is easy.

What will the purpose of my deck be?

Decks extend the usable living area of your home and create easy access to the outdoors. Decks make it possible to enjoy so many more activities in your life. You can cook outdoors, hang out with family, and entertain friends there. Deciding which anticipated events are on your summer bucket list will help in designing your deck.

How will I access my deck?

If you already have deck access, that’s great, but if you are going to need to add patio doors to your home there are a couple of things to consider. If one of the primary uses of your deck is for eating, you might want your deck off of the kitchen. If your primary use will be entertaining and visiting with family and friends, a deck off of your living room or family room might be a better choice. Remember, wherever your deck is built, it will add to the usable area of that part of your home.

What designs appeal to me?

Some design options that you might like are multi-levels, a shade, and lighting. Of course, you will want seating and built-in benches can add functionality and convenience to any deck. Depending on your budget, custom-made, designer decks can even include such luxuries as fireplaces, hot tubs, and complete outdoor kitchens.

When you are choosing deck installers in Vermont make sure to ask about customization. Many deck installers only have a limited number of templates to choose from. Even if your project seems simple, it might not turn out to be exactly what you want if you have to choose from plans that don’t fit your specific needs. Jancewicz and Son is a deck builder company in Vermont plus so much more. We offer roofing, siding, windows, doors, and gutters to fit all of your home improvement needs. Call us today for your deck consultation.

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