What You Want Isn’t Always What You Need

See-saw with Want and Need on either end with Need on the low side

When most New Hampshire, Southern Vermont, and Northern Massachusetts homeowners call us out, they usually know what they want to hear. Sometimes it’s the cheapest fix possible; other times, they are determined to get a new roof, windows, or siding whether they need it or not. But our job isn’t to simply tell them what they want to hear, but rather to figure out what they need.


Honesty First, Last, And Always

Too many New Hampshire home renovation companies are happy to take the easy sale and move on to the next house as quickly as possible. Their success is built on quantity over quality, and whether or not their actions solve your problems isn’t even a consideration. After all, they’re giving you what you asked for, right?

Well, that’s not how we operate.

Our Project Consultants are trained to listen first, talk second, and to ask probing questions in between. Not because we’re nosy, but because perceptions can be deceiving.

What a homeowner might think is their main problem may only be a symptom. Asking the right questions and actively listening to the answers is how we get to the root of most homeowner’s troubles; that and our exceptionally thorough inspections.

Our job is to find the root cause of your problems and recommend the proper solution, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Even – if what you need isn’t something we do.

That isn’t to say we’ll turn away a customer who just wants a new roof, window, or siding for its own sake; we just won’t tell them they need it when they don’t.

Built On Integrity

We’ve been around since 1933, and no company lasts this long by doing shoddy work and recommending actions that will only hide the real problem.

Could we get away with it? Lots of home solutions companies do, but those companies will never make it to the 80-year mark. And besides, we like being able to sleep at night.

This company was founded on a reputation for integrity that continues to this day. When you come to Jancewicz & Son with a problem, you can be assured that we will offer the most thorough and cost-effective method for making your troubles disappear. And, more importantly, stay gone for decades.

While quantity can be nice, we feel that quality is much more important in the long run. And covering up core problems with shiny new roofing, siding, or replacement windows is not quality work – it’s just this side of criminal.

We are determined to give every homeowner the right fix for their problem every single time. And we use only the best materials and installation techniques available because we expect our work to last. When you stand behind your work as we do, it just doesn’t pay to use bargain brand products or supplies.

When we do the work, and you have a problem down the road, we’ll be there to make it right no matter who’s at fault. We’ll even help you deal with the manufacturer if it’s a product defect causing the issue. Once we partner up with you on a project, we’re by your side for the long haul.

If you need exterior work done on your New Hampshire area home, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate. We’ll find the source of your troubles and offer you a solution that’s the best value possible.

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