What’s The Best Type Of Metal Roof?

Is A Standing Seam Roof System The Best
Metal Roof Option For Hanover, NH?

The Best Of Roofing Materials For
Your Grafton County Home

Standing seam metal in Hanover, NH is an amazing roofing system that improves the overall aesthetic of your home. While other roofing options may be popular, there’s a reason site fabricated standing seam metal is gaining traction.

Jancewicz & Son is the leading contractor in Grafton County to install standing seam metal roof systems and other types of metal roofing. We love helping the residents of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts find the best roofing system for their homes.

Energy Efficiency Of Metal Roofing Systems

The type of metal roofing you choose affects its energy efficiency. But overall, they are one of the most energy-efficient options. Because they reflect heat, it keeps the heat from getting through, making the interiors cooler in the summer.

That is one of the primary reasons they’re so popular in warm climates. But that doesn’t mean they’re specifically for those areas. In the winter, metal roofing can withstand a much higher buildup of snow and ice than other types of roofing systems.

A bad installation may ruin the energy efficiency of a good roofing system. So, make sure you trust the company you hire to install your roof.

Type Of Metal Roof: Corrugated Vs. Standing Seam Metal

There are three primary types of metal roofing systems. Each of these has advantages, but for residential roofing options, there are clear winners. Standing seam metal roofs and metal shingle roofing are amazing roofing systems for your home, but corrugated roofs are less than ideal.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofing is the superior option for residential metal roofs. They have covered seams that protect the roof and screws from the elements. The system is an updated version of traditional metal roofs, using the best technology to create a sealed and energy-efficient roofing system.

There are several different types of standing seam metal roofing and even more installation methods, so it is important to understand the differences when exploring your roofing options.

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal roofing systems are not ideal in Grafton County. While this type of roof works for barns or sheds, they aren’t great options if you want an attractive design for your home. They also are prone to damage and leaks due to the thousands of screws exposed to the elements. These roofs were designed for farm buildings, not houses.

Metal Shingle Roofing

Metal shingles are another option that is less popular but still an amazing investment. They are made of galvalume, which is a combo of carbon steel, aluminum, zinc, and protective coatings. They are also versatile and won’t rot, split, or break, yet can look like wood, asphalt, or slate. So you can choose the ideal metal roof colors for you.

Material Of Your Metal Roof Panels

  • Aluminum – though lightweight, this type of metal corrodes easily and rusts when exposed to salty air, so it’s not ideal unless mixed with other materials.
  • Copper – a premium and very expensive option that changes color over time.
  • Tin – a nearly extinct type of roofing due to the likelihood of tin poisoning and the lack of efficiency.
  • Zinc – long-lasting roof material that is rare because it is expensive, and pure zinc changes color over time.
  • Galvalume – the ideal roofing material that is primarily steel with mixes of aluminum, zinc, and silicone. This ensures the roof is as durable, long-lasting, and as beautiful as can be.

The material you choose for your roof will affect your home for decades, if not a lifetime. While aluminum may be affordable and copper may be high-end, neither is as efficient as steel or galvalume. That’s why steel-based options are so popular; they work and will work for years to come.

Jancewicz & Son offers exceptional 24 Gauge Kynar Painted Galvalume standing seam metal roofing to Grafton County residents. We have both standing seam and metal shingles, which are fantastic options that grant you the freedom of choice. If you’re ready for your new metal roofing system in Hanover, NH, call Jancewicz & Son today at 800-281-3585 for your free quote.

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