When Is the Best Time of Year For Big Home Improvement Projects?

Here are the best times of year for big home improvement projects.

It’s all about timing. Often, homeowners know that they need to tackle some big home improvement projects, but they’re worried about doing it at the wrong time of year. The time you choose for your home improvement project could impact the ease of installation and construction, the cost, and the availability when it comes to scheduling. But the truth is, the best time of year for home improvement projects depends on the project itself. There are advantages and disadvantages to multiple times of year, but you need to know the industry and what project you want to work on.


Late Spring/Summer

May through September is typically peak time for home improvement contractors. With longer days and sunnier weather, it’s easier to accomplish just about any home improvement project, especially home exteriors like siding or roofing replacement. Window replacement is also very popular at this time of year, because it won’t be as uncomfortable to have an open hole in the walls while the installation crew works. The downside to this time of year is that it’s a busy time for most contractors, so it may be weeks before they can find someone to come out to your project and you may not have much freedom when it comes to availability.

Fall/Early Winter

This is considered “off-season” for contractors. The weather turns colder and the days grow shorter. It’s not that contractors can’t work on big home improvement projects this time of year (in fact, Jancewicz & Son prides ourselves on offering service year round). However, the weather conditions are “less ideal” than in peak season. This may mean, however, that you have an easier time scheduling your project or that you’re able to save money as contractors can save money on materials during this time. 

Low Season

“Low season” is late winter and sometimes early spring. Late winter is bitingly cold, especially in Massachusetts and Vermont. Early spring is full of rain showers and thus delays when it comes to home improvement projects. This is not the season that most choose for their home improvement projects, but it does offer some benefits to those who do. Mainly, it offers more freedom of scheduling as this is the slowest time of year for contractors. You may also be able to find further discounts. On top of that, late winter is a great time of year to install custom decks as the ground is drier and easier to break.

Not sure when you should start your next big home improvement project? Let Jancewicz & Son help. We have 87 years of experience in the area and can help you determine the best time for your much needed home improvement projects. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free estimate.

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