Which Windows Are Best For Natural Ventilation?

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Summer is slowly drawing to a close, but sometimes it’s still nice to let in a little fresh air on a nice day. You can do this with just about every window style except for fixed windows, but some are more conducive to natural ventilation than others. Need help making the decision? Here are some of our suggestions for the best windows to offer natural ventilation in your home.

Double Hung

Double hung windows remain the most popular window style for several reasons, but one of them is their easy ventilation. Their easy operation allows you to open both sashes at once. The top sash moves down while the bottom sash moves up. By opening both at once, you not only allow fresh, cool air into your home through the bottom but allow indoor air to escape through the top of the window. You can also close one side or the other based on your preferences.


Casement windows are vertical windows that open from the side by use of hinges and close fully inside their frames when not in use. These windows are elegant and modern in appearance, but they also offer a unique ventilation. Because of the side opening, the window when open functions like a sail, buffeting fresh air into your home naturally and funnelling indoor air out.


You may find sliding windows in bathrooms, home offices, or over the kitchen sink. Similar to double hung windows but horizontal in shape, the sashes move from side to side seamlessly. Thus they also make for an excellent option when you want to boost natural ventilation in your home, and are often placed in the rooms that need it most. Consider this somewhere in between a double hung window and a sliding glass door, both in terms of style and ventilation.

The important thing is to choose the right window no matter the style. This means a window with a style that lets in great natural ventilation, but is sturdy enough to keep out unnecessary heat loss and remain energy efficient. The right installation is essential, too, so it helps to have someone with experience. That’s where Jancewicz & Son, with over 85 years of experience, can help. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate on your next windows, and get ready to welcome that sweet, fresh air into your home.

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