Which Windows Are Best for Your City’s Climate

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Make sure your windows can stand up to the elements they’ll face in your city’s climate.

Which windows are best for your home? There’s not always a clear-cut, universal answer. Often, it depends on the climate in which the person asking lives. For instance, those who live in humid climates might need very different windows than those who live in dry climates, and those in warmer climates might not need to worry about windows that seal in heat. So which windows are best for your climate? Let’s discuss a few different climate elements.

Humid vs. Dry

For many homeowners, especially those living in dry climates, the look of wood windows is classic and hard to beat. If you live in the kind of climate that’s mostly warm but a “dry heat” or crisply cool in the fall and winter, wood windows from Marvin Windows may be the best option for you. However, without heavy maintenance, wood windows don’t always hold up well to moisture. If it rains frequently or is humid often, you may want something more durable such as fiberglass windows in order to resist swelling or warping.

Warm vs. Cool

Wood windows have an excellent thermal performance, so if you live in a cooler climate and want to keep your home warm, they could be a great option. They’ll help to keep heat from escaping your home so that you can save money on your heating bills throughout the winter. However, the durability of fiberglass windows can also be quite energy efficient. In warm climates, fiberglass windows will also help prevent heat from leaking into your home and making it stuffy and uncomfortable.

A Compromise

Want the elegance and thermal performance of wood with the durability and energy efficiency of fiberglass windows? Marvin offers a compromise with their Integrity Wood-Ultrex line. The interior window frames are wood, so you can enjoy the look and thermal performance without exposing the wood to the elements and all of the maintenance that comes with it. The exterior frames are made with ultrex fiberglass, the same material used in bridge construction. It’s extremely durable and low maintenance. These windows offer the best of both worlds, and if there is a window that’s best for any climate, these might just be it.

Interested in wood-ultrex windows or another type of window that might be perfect for your climate? Contact Jancewicz & Son today for more information or a free estimate.

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