Why Are Gutters Necessary?

Are gutters necessary for an excellent roofing system?

Here’s why we think they are.

Your roof is more than just the shingles or metal sheets that cover the top of it. Your entire roofing system should be solid, from the surface to the decking, and even the supportive elements around the roof — such as your gutter system. But how important are your gutters really? In the midst of all the parts that go into a roof system, some homeowners might find themselves wondering if gutters are necessary. We at Jancewicz & Son hold that they are. Here’s why:

What Gutters Do For Your Home

Gutter systems are designed to funnel water that runs off your roof away from your home. The water travels through a downspout and is eventually deposited in a direction that runs away from the home, so your foundational soil — as well as your roof and siding — don’t suffer water damage. This can help to prevent a number of issues, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Roof rot
  • Algae, moss, or mildew growth
  • A settling foundation
  • Warping or swelling of siding

While they may not be able to rid your home of these issues completely, a well-made and maintained gutter system could go a long way to extending the life of your roof and your home as a whole.

Other Benefits of Gutters

In addition to protecting your foundational soil, gutters protect your flower beds or vegetable gardens. If gardening or landscaping is important to your home, or if you’re trying to maintain your curb appeal, gutters will be an essential part of this. They can even protect the interior of your home from water damage, cracked walls, or basement flooding.

And it’s not just your home that’s affected. If you don’t have rain gutters, you risk water running into your neighbor’s yards and damaging their soil, as well. If you want to be a good neighbor, go ahead and install roof gutters. 

Different Types of Gutters

The benefits your gutters will offer to your home depend on the type of gutters you choose. Not all gutters are the right fit for all homes. There are:

  • Half-round gutters, which are shaped like half-circles and held in place by brackets, are excellent for funneling water away from the roof.
  • K-style gutters, which look to be shaped like the letter K when lying on the side. They can be nailed to the fascia board and have no brackets, which makes them a popular choice.
  • Custom gutters, made specifically for your home. 
  • Aluminum gutters, which are popular for not rusting and lasting up to 25 years. 
  • Vinyl gutters, an excellent budget-friendly choice and easy to install but can fade and warp in intense heat or sunlight.
  • Zinc gutters, which are expensive upfront but long lasting in the long run.
  • Steel rain gutters, which are popular options for areas with severe weather. 
  • Copper gutters, which are naturally beautiful and durable for all types of weather but are quite expensive. 

Maintaining Your Gutters

Your gutters can be an essential part of your home maintenance, which means you need to put in the work to keep them in shape. Leaves, twigs, and debris can all clog up the gutters over time and make them unable to funnel water away from your home. They may even leave them scratched or warped. Clean your gutters at least twice a year, and consider installing gutter caps in order to keep debris out as much as possible.

Are Gutters Ever Unnecessary?

Gutters are a boon when it comes to the health of your roof and your home, but they may not always be necessary. There are a few circumstances in which you may not need roof gutters to protect your home from water runoff. For instance, if your roof has a foot or more of overhang, water will naturally run outward and away from your foundational soil. If your home is surrounded by patios, walkways, or other concrete surfaces, your foundational soil is likely to stay safe from water runoff. Those who live in an arid climate might not need gutters. But for the northeastern climate, with its intense seasons and rain and snowfall, gutters tend to be necessary.

Need help finding gutters for your Vermont home? Jancewicz & Son has you covered with top-notch products and over 83 years in the business, all local to this area. Contact us today to learn more or to get a free estimate and get started with your roof gutters. 

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