Why Are Replacement Windows So Much Better Than Mine?

Four pane replacement window showing a different central mass season through each pane


Why replace windows that look just fine, right? Well, looks can be deceiving. Those old windows are costing you money every single day. Every. Single. Day. How is that possible? To answer that, we need to dig deeper into what windows used to be and what they can do for you today.


The First Windows

There are two contradictory parts of human nature that made windows a part of our lives hundreds of years ago. The first is the need to feel safe. When we are out in the open, we don’t feel secure because anything can creep up on us at any time. Walls have been our answer to that fear since the beginning of time.

Unfortunately, walls keep us from seeing what might be out there, and we can’t abide the unknown, so we put holes in our walls so that we could keep watch without leaving the safety of our walls. Eventually, we developed ways to cover those holes with better and better technology until we came up with a cheap way to make glass windows.

Our first windows were single panes of glass that were great at keeping nature outside where it belongs but not so great at keeping the heat, wind, or cold from seeping through. Eventually, we realized that two panes of glass were exponentially better at keeping the elements at bay, and that’s where things stayed for decades.


Double Pane Windows

failed double pane window needs modern replacement window

The first years of double-pane windows saw some ups and downs. After just a few years in place, condensation would get between the panes and cause fogging and other unsightly issues. Better technologies have since been developed, and that problem has been left in the past.

Now, most windows are made with an inert gas between the 

panes, adding to the windows’ insulation value and making them much more energy-efficient than earlier designs. But the advancements haven’t stopped there.


Window Films And UV Radiation

Not all sunlight is good for you. In fact, some of it is actually harmful to you, your home, and your family. The worst of it comes in the form of Ultraviolet Radiation or UV light. UV light is why the skin on the left side of a trucker’s face looks so much older than the right side. All those thousands of hours with the sun hitting the left side of their face have broken down their skin’s internal structures, causing it to sag more than the other side.

That breaking down action takes place in anything UV Radiation contacts. Organic materials slowly lose their structural integrity, and plastics become brittle. The process is slow but never-ending. When things fade from direct sunlight, they are losing more than just their color.

Modern replacement windows can be made with multiple films on the glass that filter out the dangerous parts of the sun’s energy, leaving only clean, harmless light entering your home. No more fading, no more brittle and peeling materials, and no more UV Radiation.


Heat Loss And Modern Replacement Windows

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Once we were able to perfect double-pane glass, we turned to making the entire window system more energy efficient. The heat loss through simple windows used to be so great that the loss through the rest of the window system didn’t matter. But now, with double-pane windows at 90% efficiency and triple-pane windows at 97%, the inefficiency of the rest of the system was a problem.

Modern replacement window systems are designed to trap air and temperatures on either side of the frame. So, the extreme temperatures outside stay outside, and the conditioned air stays inside your home. This is done through clever interlocking shapes and the infusion of foam insulation into the frame, sill, and other exposed portions of your windows.

The result is that your window systems are often more efficient at keeping heat loss down than even the walls they sit in.


Options Galore In Modern Replacement Windows

Modern replacement windows are also much more convenient to maintain and use than older windows. Their slides don’t stick, cleaning them is a breeze, and they even offer greater security with multiple panes and more durable materials.

There are multiple levels of UV protection to be had, amazing levels of sound dampening available, different tints that you can choose from, and even different forms of glass panes that you can use to create a look that fits your tastes. You can even get functional blinds placed between the panes, so you’ll never have to dust your blinds again!


Your Old Windows Don’t Stand A Chance

Older window systems existed in a world where energy was cheap and plentiful, and the harmful effects of the sun weren’t fully understood or respected. Old windows are drafty, lack UV protection, and use opening mechanisms that jam easily and are often a pain. 

There’s a myriad of choices available to you with replacement windows, and every single one is better and more efficient than what you have now. If you want to make your home more energy-efficient, enjoy the ease of use, and update the look of your home, you can’t go wrong with replacement windows.

If you are ready to take your windows into the 21st century, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a Free Estimate. Our representative will help you find the right windows to fit your home, your family, and your budget.


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