Why Are Roofing Warranties So Important To Your Massachusetts Home?

Why You Need A Strong Roofing Warranty
For Your Massachusetts Home

Shop For The Best Products And Warranties Before
Starting Your Roof Installation

Finding a great product and installer is just the first step in a roofing project for your Massachusetts home. Unfortunately, those great roofing products don’t mean much without the backing of a strong roofing warranty. After all, a solid roofing warranty is just as important as the roof itself.

You may have the best product in the world, but even the best products are prone to damage when the unexpected occurs. Being prepared and knowing your roof is accounted for gives you peace of mind and confidence in your choice of roof when you go to replace or install a new one.

But buyer beware – not all roofing manufacturers offer excellent warranties, so it’s crucial to do your research before investing.

Some homeowners have never had to deal with roof damage or repair, leaving them blindsided when those issues occur. Fortunately, a strong warranty makes repair simple so you can continue your life.

What Does A Strong Roofing Warranty Cover?

A great warranty covers two things – materials and labor. The warranty length may differ but should start at a minimum of ten years and extend to a Lifetime Warranty. Some excellent warranties also last around 25 – 50 years and can be extended for further protection.

A warranty should cover 100% of your materials from manufacturer defects and 100% of the labor it will cost to replace or repair those damaged shingles. Plus, additional expenses pertaining to the repair should be covered under warranty, such as metal work, tear-off, and disposal fees.

Most manufacturing warranties only cover manufacturer defects, but what happens when an issue with the installation goes wrong? Depending on who installs your roof, you can find a guarantee on installation labor directly from the contracting company.

This means if any problems arise after installation due to installation mistakes, the company that did the initial work will come out and fix it, free of charge.

Why You Want A Dependable Warranty

Many homeowners scoff at the idea of purchasing a warranty after they’ve already spent a good deal on the roof itself. However, a good warranty can save you money and headaches later on. You may not think you need one with a new roof, but ensuring your roof is solid in the first vital years of roof installation is a must.

However, as the years go on, normal wear and tear may cause slight damage that starts to add up. This is when small leaks begin to form and create underlying structural damage. When these events start happening, you can rest assured in knowing they’re likely covered under your roofing warranty.

Typically only storm and hail damage is covered by insurance companies, leaving a lot of possible other roofing damages up to you to cover. If your roof is still covered under warranty, you won’t need to stress about the high cost of repair.

What Are Additional Benefits To A Great Roofing Warranty

Besides peace of mind, the best part of a strong roofing warranty is the added value it gives your home. So, not only are you living with an easy mind, knowing your bank account is safe from potentially disastrous costs, but you’re investing in the overall value of your home.

New roofs are one of the first things homebuyers ask about, making roofs a key focus for the home seller, as they want the best. Excellent warranties are transferable, meaning they stay with the house whether you do or not. A new house with a roofing warranty is highly appealing to home buyers.

You’re essentially passing your peace of mind onto the next owner, something much appreciated in real estate. Plus, a roof in excellent condition will see a high return on investment (ROI) in the first place – it’s a win-win for all involved.

Where Can You Find Strong Roofing Warranties?

You guessed it – you can find the best roofing warranties with us at Jancewicz & Son! We only sell roofing products we know are reliable, durable, and built to last, but we also only offer products that are accompanied by excellent warranties.

Our customers deserve to feel secure and confident in their purchases, which is why we’re proud to sell CertainTeed shingles. Coming in an array of different colors and styles, such as standard strip, architectural, laminated, and more, our roofs come with warranties ranging from 25 years to lifetime.

We’re realistic when it comes to roofing because after almost 90 years in the home improvement business, we’ve seen nearly every roofing damage or issue you can imagine. This is why we want to keep our customers protected and in good hands, giving them the best warranties on the market.

We Keep You And Your Massachusetts Home Protected
With Our Excellent Roofing Warranties

Since 1933, we’ve been the trusted roofing company homeowners of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts have relied on to get the job done. Throughout our decades of experience, we’ve built a stellar reputation for honest and precise work.

As an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau, we pride ourselves on customer care, giving our clients the roof they deserve. We have solutions and variety, including metal, slate, asphalt, copper, rubber, and wood shingles, all accompanied by phenomenal warranties that will leave you safeguarded.

Contact us today or call us at 800-281-3585 for a free roofing estimate and ask about your roofing warranty options.

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