Why Choose Vinyl Windows For My Home: Pros and Cons

Vermont Replacement Vinyl Windows

Are vinyl windows right for you? Here’s our verdict on choosing the best replacement windows for your VT home.

You may have heard plenty of buzz about vinyl when it comes to replacement windows. In fact, probably most of the replacement windows you’ve seen in Vermont have been vinyl windows. But are they really the best replacement windows? As with most things, there are multiple elements to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons:

Pro – Affordable

The biggest perk when it comes to vinyl replacement windows is the cost. Vinyl replacement windows are the most affordable option on the market, so homeowners on a budget often love them. High quality vinyl windows are a steeper investment, but still less expensive than high quality versions of other materials.

Pro – Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows offer a good natural thermal resistance, making them energy efficient. They also resist wearing down from the elements better than wood windows. While wood windows might have good energy efficiency in the beginning, rain and moisture can make them rot and warp in a way that vinyl windows simply don’t.

Pro – Low Maintenance

Again, vinyl stands up to the elements better than wood windows typically. High quality wood windows maintained well can last for quite some time, but they still require more constant work than vinyl windows. Vinyl windows don’t need to be repainted in most cases and can sometimes get by on just the occasional cleaning.

Con – Wide Range of Quality

You have to be careful when choosing vinyl windows. The cheapest option is not always the best, and some cheap vinyl windows are also cheap in quality. Be sure to choose a manufacturer who is trusted and to look into the warranty of the windows for a sense of how long you can expect them to last. There are also higher quality vinyl windows, but those of course will be on the higher end of the price range.

Con – Not as Durable as Fiberglass

Vinyl windows may be energy efficient, but they’re less durable than the more recent fiberglass windows. Made with Ultrex — the same material that’s used in bridge construction, Marvin’s Integrity fiberglass windows have among the longest lifespans of any replacement windows on the market right now. You can also invest in Wood-Ultrex windows, which offer elegant wood frames on the interior and sturdy Ultrex on the exterior.

Con – Not as Long Lasting

Again, the quality has a vast range, and higher quality vinyl windows can have longer lifespans. However, standard vinyl windows typically have shorter lifespans than fiberglass and even wood replacement windows. Since most homeowners don’t want to have to replace their windows again any time soon, they may opt for the windows with the longest lifespan. 

So, are vinyl windows right for your home? Consider whether the pros outweigh the cons for you. When you know, contact Jancewicz & Son and tell us what you think the best replacement windows for your VT home might be.

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