Why Is Hardiplank Siding a Good Choice for Massachusetts Homeowners?

If you’re thinking of doing a siding installation in Massachusetts in the near future, you may have already started researching your options. After all, this exterior home remodel is no small effort. You want to put your best foot forward by getting the siding that matches your needs and wants. Many homeowners in the state are turning to Hardiplank siding from James Hardie. This fiber cement siding has a lot of qualities that make it a great option for anyone living in this part of the country.



Termites are a concern for homeowners across the country, but this insect is fairly active in Massachusetts. Because of this activity, you have to consider the pest resistance of a siding before making a big purchase. Fiber cement siding acts as a barrier to help keep wood-eating pests, such as termites and carpenter ants, out of your home.


When you do a siding installation in Massachusetts, you may not think about the potential impacts your home may be taking. Hail storms, for example, aren’t an everyday occurrence. Siding could also be dented by your child’s baseball, a fallen tree branch or a poorly-aimed golf ball. Fiber cement is resistant to impact damage, which means it is better prepared to withstand the whims of both mother nature and neighborhood kids.


Moisture comes in the form of rain, snow and humidity in this part of the country. Some siding could become damaged when exposed to moisture over long periods of time. Thankfully, this product is not as susceptible to moisture damage as some other sidings are.


When you put on new siding, you shouldn’t have to worry about small gusts of winding taking it back off. This James Hardie product is known to withstand winds up to 130 mph. For you, this means you can have peace of mind when the strong winds come sweeping in from the Atlantic.

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