Why Strong Energy Efficiency Matters for Your Replacement Windows

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Vermont

Energy efficiency is probably the most important factor when it comes to finding replacement windows. Sure, it matters that the window looks good and that it’s durable, but energy efficiency will affect more aspects of your life than just the design of one room. It affects your bills, your home value, even your environmental impact. No matter what way you look at energy efficiency, it’s a must if you’re in the market for the best replacement windows in Vermont.

A Lighter Wallet

Need to save money this year? Energy efficient windows are a great way to do it — and the best part is that once they’re installed, you don’t have to do anything but let them work their magic. Or rather, their science. Energy efficient windows are so called for their ability to keep air from escaping your home, and sometimes for their ability to light your home during the day. The more you can rely on your windows to light and insulate your home, the less you have to rely on HVAC and electricity. And, of course, the less you use your HVAC and indoor lighting, the lighter those bills will be. Although you may be paying for these windows initially, in the long run, they’ll continue to keep your energy bills low.

A Cleaner Environment

You’ve probably heard the term “greenhouse gases” thrown around in recent years. Greenhouse gases are gases that absorb infrared radiation like carbon dioxide, contributing to the “Greenhouse effect.” Essentially, this causes the earth to become warmer — which is not a bad thing, unless it’s overdone. The concern, of course, is that our environment is overwhelmed with greenhouse gases.

It’s hard to avoid greenhouse gases completely, and probably not advisable. However, you can reduce them or, to use another buzzword, reduce your “carbon footprint.” How? Well, you guessed it, energy efficient windows. The less energy you need to use in your home, the less greenhouse gases are emitted. Basically: install more energy efficient replacement windows and you’ve already made a step towards helping the environment.

A Valuable Home

Unless you plan to live there for the rest of your life, you probably need to consider your home’s resale value. In fact, even if you do plan to live in your house for the rest of your life, it’s a good idea to keep home value in mind for future generations. Outdated appliances and features like windows can reduce the value of your home, especially if they’re causing drafts and air leaks in your home. On the other hand, high quality replacement windows are appealing to new homebuyers, especially if you can boast high energy efficiency. The more energy efficient your home is, the more value is added to it. Your windows are a great place to start.

You’d be surprised how much the energy efficiency of your window comes down to the window fit. Even an efficiently constructed window won’t do your home much good if it’s awkwardly fitted. At Jancewicz & Son, our windows are factory built to fit your home exactly. We have 80 years of experience in Vermont, so you can trust us with your installation. Contact us today for more information.

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