Why Winter Is The Best Time To Work On The Outside Of Your Home

A construction worker in heavy winter clothing using a level with a truck crane to his right and snow all around


Our winters can be a wonder to behold. With snow measured in feet, winds that can make a tree curtsy, and cold, cold, cold. While most home solution companies in New Hampshire are huddled under their blankies, Jancewicz & Son is still hard at work. We love the winter and find it the perfect time to do work on the outside of our customer’s homes.


It’s Hard To Damage Rock

One of the more difficult aspects of our business is ensuring that we don’t damage your lawn or your foliage. When your job involves using large pieces of equipment, it can be a delicate balance between getting the job done safely and taking care not to leave a trail through your yard.

But in the winter, moving equipment over your lawn is the same as moving it up your drive because your yard is frozen solid and able to survive our activities without a scratch. While we still take our usual careful measures to protect your property, the level of risk is nearly nil during the coldest weeks of the year.

Life Uninterrupted

During the winter months, all of your activities are indoors. Instead of having to herd your kids away from our workers, as you would in the summer, they are all safely inside. And there is no need to plan your gatherings around our installation schedule, no need to dodge our materials when mowing your lawn, and no need to postpone any activities until we are done.

Free Service

It is the rare winter when homeowners don’t need to have the snow removed from their roofs at least once. For many, the expense can be a heavy burden. But when you schedule your project in the middle of the winter season, clearing the snow off your roof is just part of the process. Even if we are just doing your siding, the snow above is a hazard to our workers, so we get rid of it before starting, saving you the expense of paying to have it done.

It’s The Right Thing To Do

If you know only one thing about us, it’s that we are dedicated to doing the right thing. Ease of access is only one reason that we operate all year long. It is also the responsible thing to do.


Our customers hired us for several reasons, but one of the big reasons is our rock-solid warranty. There’s no line in our warranty that says, “Unless it’s cold out” or, “Only when convenient.” They hired us expecting, and rightfully so, that we will respond to warranty issues immediately, not once the weather clears. As far as we’re concerned, any company that shuts down for the winter shouldn’t lay claim to any warranty coverage at all.


Our employees’ bills don’t go away just because it’s cold outside. In fact, they go up in a hurry. A seasonal shutdown would devastate their finances and make life hard for them and their families. We just can’t accept such an outcome. So we operate all year long, even through the worst that winter can throw at us because our workers rely on their jobs to keep their families safe, happy, and healthy.


Emergency structural failures of homes are more likely in the winter, especially when it comes to roofs. Just a few inches of snow can add tons of pressure on your roof and cause weak spots to fail. We feel we have a mission to be available to help you out when those failures occur, no matter the weather. Ice dams don’t happen in summer weather, after all, and they can cause tremendous damage to your home if not addressed right away.

It Comes With The Territory

To us, it is simply part of the social contract we entered into when we went into business. You, the community, allow us to run a business and use it to support our families, and, in return, we make ourselves available to you when you need us. We each give a little and take a little in an even exchange, and our whole community is better for the bargain. We take our part seriously, and that is why you can call us for help in the dead of winter and know that we will show up to give you a hand.

If you plan on having some outside work done on your New Hampshire area home, contact us at Jancewicz & Son for a free estimate. We’ll get your project completed even in the depths of winter.

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