Why You Should Consider Financing Your Enfield, NH Siding Replacement

Why You Should Consider Financing Your
Your Enfield, NH Siding Replacement

Financing May Be The Most Prudent Option

One of the biggest obstacles that Enfield, NH homeowners face when considering siding replacement is how to pay for it. While some pay outright with their savings or checking accounts, financing options are available.

By understanding your financing options for your Grafton County siding replacement job, you can find one that fits your individual needs better. When the finance aspect is under control, the entire siding replacement process becomes much more manageable!

Financing Siding Allows You To Use Your Buying Power

Who would have thought buying a dozen eggs at the grocery store would turn into a lesson on inflation? But that is the reality that we live in now.

What better lesson on the rising costs of goods than what we see in grocery stores? So, why would you try to save money for your vinyl siding, knowing that the price could go up later?

If you do, you could be in a never-ending cycle of saving more because the job costs increase over time.

Right now, you have more buying power through financing your vinyl siding than if you wait until later. Will this be true in the next year?

Who knows, as inflation is hitting just about every industry. So, use your buying power now.

Get The Perfect Vinyl Siding For Your Enfield, NH Home

One of the benefits of financing your siding right now is that you will get the perfect option for your home. With financing, you often get better deals on a higher grade of vinyl rather than settling for the cheapest.

After all, when using your rainy day fund, you may be tempted to buy the cheapest siding that may not be what you want. You settle because you want to preserve as much of your savings as possible.

If you finance your siding, you can opt for what you want. Vinyl siding is a massive remodel project, so it makes sense to get what you want rather than settling!

Feel Less Stress When Financing

Looking at financing from a mental health standpoint, many people find this option less stressful. Why?

Because they know they still have their rainy day fund if an unforeseen expense arises. Those who empty their savings and checking accounts to pay for their siding often feel anxious, as they know if something comes up, it may make things difficult.

The nerves and anxiousness can be exhausting. So, why put yourself through that when there is a better option with financing?

Can You Make A Claim On Your Home Insurance
Policy To Finance Your Siding?

There are situations in which your home insurance may pay for a siding replacement. A claim may be approved if the current siding has been damaged under conditions covered by your insurance.

However, you will still have to pay your deductible. On average, the standard deductible can range from $1000 to over $5000, depending upon your policy and other factors.

Using your home insurance may be the best solution since that is why you have insurance. However, you’ll need to pay attention to the deductible limits and how much the insurance company will pay. There could be a chance that your insurance will pay for a low-grade siding replacement rather than what you want.

In these cases, you can always opt for insurance to pay their amount and make the difference via financing. Allowing you to get the most out of your policy yet get the siding you want for your home!

We Offer Vinyl Siding Financing

As most legitimate contractors will, we offer financing. What is so great about going with contractor financing? It allows you to get approval fast, as there is no jumping through hoops or waiting days for an answer.

The process is simple, with a few questions, and the time it takes to get approved is quick. It can be one of the easiest ways to finance your vinyl siding while holding onto your rainy day fund!

Get Your Free Estimate For Your
Enfield, NH Siding Replacement

If your Enfield, NH, home needs the siding replaced, Jancewicz & Son is here to help you with your financing needs.

Contact us; or call today at 800-281-3585 for a free siding replacement estimate!

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