Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall – When Is the Best Time to Remodel?

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It’s important to choose when to remodel strategically. Each season has its own drawbacks and advantages, and a winter remodel may be completely different from a summer remodel. So when, if any time, is the best time to remodel? Or maybe more to the point, which kind of remodeling is best in which season? Let’s break things down season by season.


People rarely think of remodeling during the winter, especially in Vermont and Massachusetts. It’s full of winter storms, snow, and of course, freezing temperatures. However, the air also tends to be dryer in winter and the frozen ground could make for the perfect time to add an addition to your home. Whether it’s an added room or a deck or patio, this is the best time of year for it. Winter also has the benefit of being the least busy season for contractors, so you have more freedom when it comes to scheduling and may even be able to get deals and savings that you couldn’t in other seasons.


As a rule, the best plan is to schedule a remodeling project a couple months before peak season, so that you can schedule it more efficiently. Replacement windows are often considered summer projects, so spring might be the best time of year for them in actuality. Spring is also a slower time for roofers, but without the drawback of the harsh heat of summer, so this may also be a good, cost effective time to have your roof worked on or replaced.


People aren’t typically thinking of heating their homes in summer — which is why this could be the perfect time of year to have your furnace or fireplace worked on. Summer is also a good time of year for interior remodeling projects. The longer days provide more light, and because the project is indoors, contractors can avoid the worst of the heat. And because exterior paint projects need heat, summer can be a good time of year to paint the house.


With its mild temperatures before winter, fall is a good time to do work on your gutters and ensure they’re not clogged, as well as make any repairs on your roof. You can have your air conditioning repaired or replaced here to keep it in good shape for the next warmer season. You might also get new appliances at this time, to prepare for the seasons in which you’ll be indoors more frequently.

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