Wood or Vinyl Siding – Which One Is Best For Your Home?

When you’re ready to update the exterior of your home with siding installation in Massachusetts, probably the two most popular options are wood and vinyl. There are a lot of factors which will determine the best choice for your home, for example, your budget, maintenance, any neighborhood restrictions and performance. Let’s take a look at how the two materials compare.


Siding Performance

Efficiency – Vinyl is an excellent insulator to keep the inside temperatures even all year long. Manufactured wood siding products are not as efficient as vinyl, but that’s not to say they are inefficient. With proper insulation, wood siding can be just as good as vinyl.

Damage- Engineered wood siding holds up well against water damage, dry rot and insects. Vinyl siding will perform well, but it can crack easily. However, it is easy to repair.

Durability – Vinyl siding can last for decades, provided it doesn’t take too much of a beating from the elements. Wood will need treatment every four to six years to maintain its condition.

Maintenance – Vinyl siding rarely needs any maintenance. Wood siding won’t require daily maintenance. It is very sturdy and won’t dent. Scratches blend into the siding.

Versatility – Engineered wood siding and vinyl siding have many options as to color, texture and size of the plank. Wood can be detailed to your specifications and stained or painted nearly any color you want.

Affordability – Vinyl siding and installation are certainly the most affordable, but that’s not to say that wood siding won’t fit into your budget.

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