Yearly Roofing Rituals For a Longer Roof Life

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Roofs aren’t built to last forever, but you can ensure your Massachusetts roof lasts for as long as possible.

When you buy a new or replacement roof, you want to get your money’s worth and then some from that roof. That means you don’t want to have to replace it again in the next 5-10 years. In most cases you won’t have to, especially with something durable like metal roofing. However, all roofs have an expected lifespan, and if they fall into neglect, that lifespan can be shorter. If you want your roof to last for as long as possible, regular maintenance is key. Once a year, take some time to care for your roof and help lengthen its life expectancy.

Clean the Gutters

Your rain gutters protect your roof from water damage and debris buildup, by funnelling water through their passage and away from the house. If your gutters are clogged, they can’t do their job, and your roof might be more susceptible to leaks, mold, or roof rot. If your gutters are broken and leaky, the siding and porch of your home could be damaged, as well as the front yard. So at least once a year, take time to clear the gutters and seal up any leaks. This will help to protect your roof throughout the rest of the year.

Check Flashing

Roof flashing is often a thin metal sheet that surrounds roof fans or the corners of the roof to protect it from any leakage or debris. However, over time, flashing can become loose, especially if it’s older. When flashing is loose, debris gets inside, and you can have potential water damage. So while cleaning your gutters, it’s important to take a look at your roof flashing to ensure that everything is still doing its job properly, and doesn’t need to be refastened.

Search for Damage

If you have a shingled roof, look for missing or warped shingles — sometimes curled or cracked. You can also search for things like dents or patches of discoloration. Basically anything that seems out of the ordinary and might be reason for repairs should be inspected. You’ll want to do this carefully. In most cases, it’s not advisable for a homeowner to walk along their own roof, especially in the case of metal roofing. If it’s flat or otherwise stable and walking on the roof is absolutely necessary, you may be able to do so. However, it’s probably smarter to call a professional even in instances that mightseem safe.

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