Your Guide To Pick The Right Replacement Siding Color For Your Enfield NH Home

Your Guide To Pick The Right Replacement
Siding Color For Your Enfield, NH Home

Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Color

Planning a revamp for your Enfield, NH home requires crucial decisions, and one of the most significant is the color of your replacement siding. The shade you choose communicates a specific image of your home and, by extension, you. For example, yellow often conveys an impression of friendliness, openness, and warmth.

Think about this: what image do you want your Grafton County home to project? Are you aiming for a sleek, contemporary appeal or a homely, inviting charm that subtly says, ‘Feel free to borrow a cup of sugar’?

Apart from establishing the desired ambiance, there are other factors to consider when choosing a color for your new siding. With a plethora of options available, the selection process can become overwhelming, but keeping certain color principles in mind can help you choose the perfect shade for your home!

1. Your Home’s Architecture

Surprisingly, there are guidelines to follow when choosing replacement siding for your Enfield, NH home based on its architectural style. For example, some colors are more effective at highlighting particular styles than others.

Here are some further guidelines to consider when choosing colors, recommended by professionals:

  • Victorian-style homes shine in bold and dark siding colors.
  • Craftsman homes ideally suit earthy tone siding colors.
  • Cape Cod styles traditionally carry blue and gray hues.
  • French country cottage-style homes look beautiful with soft-colored siding such as pale yellow or blue.
  • Colonial homes appear elegant in white siding or other neutral colors.

2. What’s The Style Of Your Neighborhood?

While you may dismiss the importance of harmonizing with your neighbors’ aesthetics, it’s crucial. If your neighborhood mostly features neutral siding colors and you choose a striking eggplant purple, your home will undoubtedly stand out!

Moreover, consider if there’s a homeowners association in your area. If there is, do they have guidelines for allowable colors? Are certain colors too vivid or conspicuous?

Remember, opting for neutral-colored replacement siding doesn’t restrict you from displaying your vibrant personality in the other exterior areas of your home.

3. The Size Of Your Home Makes A Difference 

A color that impresses in the showroom can be overpowering on a full-sized house. For instance, a dark shade on a large house can make it feel gloomy despite its inherent beauty.

The same applies to neutral or light colors. If used without consideration, they can cause your house to blend into the landscaping, diminishing its charm.

4. Your Roof Color

Your current roof color should complement your replacement siding. If your roof is neutral, you can choose almost any siding color.

However, houses with dark-colored roofs often pair well with light-colored siding to prevent an excessively dark and gloomy appearance.

5. The Landscaping Around Your Home

Indeed, your home’s landscaping significantly affects its overall aesthetic. Therefore, it should be factored in when choosing the color of the replacement siding for your Enfield, NH home.

Consider how the proposed siding color will interact with your current landscaping. Will the landscaping distract from the house or enhance the new siding color? Unless you plan to revamp your landscaping, this is a vital consideration.

6. The Climate

Interestingly, the local climate can influence how your siding color appears across different seasons. A color that looks wonderful amid spring and summer blooms might not have the same appeal during winter.

Considering weather variations doesn’t mean you’re confined to a neutral color. This tip is simply to avoid any surprises if your home’s ambiance changes with the seasons.

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