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Jancewicz & Sons offers interior and exterior remodeling backed by nearly 90 years of experience. 

Dorset, VT, is a small town with a lot of historic charm. Many people who have grown up here choose to make their lives here, while others come later for the peace, quiet, and tranquil natural scenery that Vermont provides. It’s no wonder that this is the place many choose to make their dream home. But sometimes, a faulty roof or a too-small house can keep your home from being everything you’d hoped for. When that happens, you can boost your home improvement with the help of a local remodeling company that’s trusted to perform, like Jancewicz & Son. 


Don’t Trust Just Anyone Who Calls Themselves A Remodeler With Your Dorset, VT Home

Just because a company calls itself a remodeling company doesn’t mean they’re the right company for you or equipped to meet your home’s needs. Your home is precious to you, so it’s essential to do your homework on anyone you plan to hire to work on it. Do they have products that will actually last for years to come, or do they take shortcuts for their own benefit? Do they have the experience to know how to handle your custom home addition? Do they have a history of satisfied customers, shown in their reviews? Do they even offer the services you need? These are just a few questions to keep in mind. 


Jancewicz & Son Is Truly Local, With Almost 90 Years of Experience

Jancewicz & Son first opened in 1933, and we’ve been in business ever since. We started as a roofing company, but now we’ve branched out to windows, siding, even custom carpentry, and home additions. That means we know how to handle your remodeling project, because we’ve likely dealt with one much like it before. We’re located in nearby Walpole, NH, so the people we serve are our friends and neighbors. We know that we are more accountable to them than we might be if we were a national franchise. That’s why we’re committed to your customer satisfaction every time.


5 Benefits of Working With Jancewicz & Son in Dorset, VT

There’s no question that Jancewicz & Son has the experience you need for your remodeling project. But our experience isn’t the only reason to work with us. Here are five more reasons to consider working with Jancewicz & Son:

  • A wide range of projects to suit most budgets and design preferences
  • No high-pressure sales tactics, ever
  • Customer-focused and committed to your peace of mind
  • Year-round work
  • Financing to fit home remodeling within any budget


Home Remodeling Services in Dorset, VT From Jancewicz & Son

Whether it’s a roof replacement you need, a home addition, or even a custom deck, Jancewicz & Son has you covered. Here is our list of services:


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